I just want to tell you something

To be honest, I think this holiday will be the most meaningful and productive holiday I have ever had.

-I have taken my first step in making videos which i promised myself to do it during my semester break. Through making videos, I have learnt a lot and I started to appreciate youtubers’ videos published in youtube. I have learnt how to edit videos. Before this, I have zero knowledge in video editing (Yes, literally). I have learnt what should & shouldn’t I do through my mistakes and hopefully i can get better and better over time.

-I tried to update my blog as regularly as possible. (Trust me, even though my post was updated once in a few-days time but I visit my blog page to write more frequent than that. The reason I didn’t post is because sometimes i just got stuck halfway and I had no idea how to finish it, so i didnt publish it and usually i will keep it as draft. It will still exist as draft 10 months later XD)

-I have started to learn about cosmetic products and how to apply them. Even though I prefer natural beauty, I think that make-up is a necessity in my future career setting. I told myself that I should update myself with the basic make up techniques and knowledge. I have this thought for quite some time but I keep on procrastinating. I used to be the kind of person who rejects cosmetic products and does not own any cosmetic products. And now, I have Naked3 from Urban Decay huehuehue. I cant say I have a complete set of cosmetic product but I already have the basic ones like eyeliner, eyebrow filler, eye shadow pallete, concealer except foundation (LOL). I’m still not very good with applying make up but I think I’m improving YAY!!

-I take up task that I’m not familiar with / good at eg. renovating an old unit in a condominium (not a major one, but still, it needs quite a long time (I expect) to finish it)

There are still many things that I have done and also things that im still working on including the stuff mentioned above. Of course, there are also a bunch of stuff that i wish to do but is still in pending status (HAHAHAHA, i cant multitask too much, cuz i will get too stressed out or get exhausted easily).

Through all these, I just want to show and tell people around me that if you have something you wish to do, stop giving yourself excuses like too busy, am lazy, i sure cannot do this, blablabla, NO. If you keep doing this, things that you will get when you are old are the feeling of regret and the thoughts of ” I should have gone there”/ ” I should have done this”. Push yourself, not too much, but enough to make you move forward. I sincerely hope that you are able to feel the joy that I got when I stop giving myself excuses and start putting effort in achieving what I want.

By the way, my first video “Afternoon tea with orchids” is out. I have been working on this video for many hours from learning about video editing from scratch, doing research on a good video editing software, watching & reading lots of articles & videos on how to create & design my youtube channel and proofwatch my edited videos again and again and again. Click here if you haven’t watch it. Thank you in advance for watching my video. I will definitely work harder for my next video. Do subscribe, like, and share it cuz I need your support very much. I am more than happy to receive valuable and constructive feedback from you regarding my video. *wink*

Ok, I should go to bed now, it’s 1.30am.

Till next time. zzzzzzzzzzzz


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