Slacking at home? You CAN do more than that!

Heyyyyy, guess what time is it now????



I’m a lil’ sleepy, my vision becomes blur when I’m tired and I had blurred vision since 3-4 hours ago. But, I’m so determined to finish what I planned to finish today. I’m almost there, around 90%? yep, around that.

I didn’t expect that I will still get sleepless night during my semester break. #SMH

Anyway, can you still recall that, earlier on, I mentioned  that I’m inspired to make my own videos? GUESS WHAT….

I’m working my ass off for almost 24 hours straight to edit my very first video. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!! I’ve finished editing it and now i’m exporting the file, let’s pray hard, everything will be fine.


In the process….13%

I don’t really have a bucket list for my semester break, but I actually aim to learn something new and stop letting fear and procrastination to come into my way. Since young, I have been missing opportunities because of my laziness and fear of embarrassment & failure which result in tonnes of regret. And I don’t wish this to continue, I don’t want my life to be mostly filled with regret. I want ” at least I tried” and unexpected, surprising results, results that I longed for.

Can’t wait to share my first video with my friends and my family.

Excitement, joy and productivity makes me feel so satisfied with what I’m working on.

I think, most probably, the new video will be released few days later, so be patient kay? hehe.

Lastly, I hope that, I will be mentally strong enough to receive criticism, judgement and negative feedback (if any).

Till next time 🙂


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