Pranic lifestyle

Actually yesterday night I wanted to post about this but I was tired.

Yesterday morning while I was on the way to attend my mental health appointment, I had nothing to do so i decided to read sin chew newspaper. (ps: I can’t remember when was the last time i read newspaper). When I glanced through the “health” section, the word ” Breatharianism” caught my eyes. Few years back, I knew about this term through youtube video about a lady, named Jamusheen, who claimed that she is a breatharian and she can live without food and drink. People doubted her and she was tested. She volunteered herself to show people that she is telling the truth, but the test stopped on the 4th/5th day due to the continual deterioration of her condition. Click here if you’re interested to watch it, i still can find the link, btw, if you re going to watch it, take note at 7:34 cuz i think she looked like a patient from the psychiatric ward hahaha.

So, i started to read through the article, I didn’t manage to finish it because there was this one part of article which made me think that this is bullshit and I couldn’t get myself to continue reading it. 1.PNG

For my opinion:

  1. Amount of weight lost and the rate of weight loss depends on a lot of factors and it differs from one person to another person. Everyone’s body works differently, including sensitivity towards hormone, metabolic rate and etc. Yes, we, humans are the same species but there are still differences within us. If not, we wouldn’t have consider about inter-species safety factor when we are calculating the safety level of drug dosage.
  2. Food acts as fuel to our body. The article questioned that if food provides us energy, then why are we feeling dizzy or sleepy after we had our meals? The answer to this question is, after we have eaten a meal, our body tend to transport more blood to the digestive system in order to facilitate absorption and transport nutrient ingested. Therefore, less blood will be transported to the brain and thus, we will tend to feel sleepy due to less oxygen transported to the brain. I find this part of the article is misleading. I do study biology, that’s why I understand the reason behind it, but what about the other people which doesn’t have any this kind of knowledge?

That night, I did some research on this topic.

Basically, breatharian/inediate believes that human can live without food. They rely on ‘prana’ ( which we called it “qi” in chinese ) for energy to live. According to Ryan Maor (one of the famous breatharianism practitioner), he takes in ~400-500 calories per day and he seldom take solid food. He usually drinks fruit juice and water for living and he sometimes (2 times in a week) fast for one whole day ( without any food and water). Ryan Maor proved himself through the TV show in Israel. He had undergone 8 days of fasting. Despite low blood pressure and rapid decline of body weight, his blood test showed surprising results. According to him, not everyone is suitable for this kind of lifestyle, you need  to have an inner calling. To begin this lifestyle, one has to undergo 10 day of initiation program. For more details, you can watch these 2 videos where Ryan Maor showed how he survive that 8 days of fasting (Part A and Part B).

I am quite amazed with this because he really succeeded to prove himself under 24-hour of surveillance for 8 days. At one point, I felt a sudden desire to try this lifestyle during the moment when he cried mentioning how much he realised the importance of water and how grateful he was to have water. From the videos, his actions showed me what I have always longed for: genuine happiness for the little things in our life and inner peace.

After getting all these information, I have come up with some advantages and disadvantages which i can think of if you are interested to follow Ryan’s footsteps.


  • like i mentioned earlier, inner peace. This lifestyle involves a lot of meditation. As we all know, meditation calms your mind and soul. It helps to sharpen your mindfulness, focusing on your inner space.
  • You start to appreciate little things in your life that you used to ignore.
  • Have you ever calculated the amount of time you deal with food, including buying, preparing, eating and washing dishes? However, with pranic lifestyle less time is dealt with food, you have more free time to do other things.
  • You wont experience dizziness after meals. You feel much more energetic.


  • You start to miss the sense of thirst. (mentioned in the video)
  • When you started this lifestyle, you need to stick with it. I have read that breatharian allow themselves to eat when they desire for other flavours. For me, you will miss all those great, delicious food which brings the feeling of satisfaction that I’m not sure whether it will be provided by following this lifestyle
  • Possibility of death. It does occur to people who started practising it, especially during the first drink ceremony.
  • Food has become a major part of life in the society. People use eating as one of the social activities. Imagine you are having a gathering with your friends and all of them are eating except you. Imagine you are joining your colleagues for lunch break and all of them are enjoying their food except you. Maybe you don’t feel awkward about it but i think, the people around you will feel uneasy (just the same situation when we eat and drink in front of our muslim friends during puasa month)
  • Doubts. You need to face the situation whereby many people will start assuming you are a weirdo and questioning why are you doing this to yourself. If you plan to do this, better be mentally prepared for this.


Lastly, I believe it is possible that pranic lifestyle works for certain people. It is important to have strong will power and a strong purpose for pracitising it, not forgetting proper guidance from the real practitioner.


Namaste 🙂


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