Thesis resubmission?!

Are you kidding me?!

So last Friday I was informed by my mentor that the staff in academic services didn’t receive my thesis. I was like WTF, are you serious?! The due date is last Thursday, I will never be irresponsible brat who does last minute work or survives through late submission. NEVER, that will never be me. Through this incidence, I get to see how irresponsible and how inefficient the management system in my university.

First of all, my mentor asked me to inform Dr. Tan (the research project module coordinator) that I didn’t pass up my thesis late and to ask her what I should do with it. Then, Dr. Tan replied, “Please sort this out with Academic Services/ Exam Unit.” Ok, fine.

This morning ( Monday morning), I came to the Academic Services and as I have expected, the answer I got was ” Did you submit? Where did you submit? Did you happen to put into the wrong pigeon hole? We really went through the whole stack of reports, we really cannot find your thesis. Do you have extra copy of it?”

My answer was “Yes, of course I ve submitted, I submitted it on that day itself in the morning. My coursemate and I, we submitted together, if I put it wrongly, my coursemate should have lost her thesis as well, but this isn’t the case.” At that time, I was thinking ” there are only 2 ways my thesis will go missing, either someone hates me and want to sabotage me, so he/she took away my thesis OR the staff-in-charge misplaced my thesis” No matter what, WHY AM I THE ONE WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SOMETHING WHICH I DID NOTHING WRONG WTF WTF WTF.


Eventually, I have to spend extra 26.80 to reprint and rebind my thesis (LUCKILY ITS NOT THE FORMAL HARD COVER VERSION OF THESIS which costs 2-3 times higher than the money that I pay for just one copy and I have to prepare 2 copies). And the trouble doesn’t just end here, FUCK, I have to find both my supervisor and co-supervisor to resign for the declaration form in my thesis. If you are a student in IMU, you will probably understand the troublesome it is to meet the lecturer unless you are attending her class so you can straight away meet her after the class.

I was so pissed off and angry, and I feel emotionally imbalanced (which made me cry after I talked to the staff from academic services department) (it was damn embarassing). Anyway, after few hours of calming myself down, I feel much better now.

Im going to meet my mentor now, I’m still not sure whether my marks for thesis will get deducted or not, I FKING HOPE NOT, if not, Im going to go through another huge wave of emotional complex.

Will update about this tmr.

Even though Im not having a good day today, but I hope you are.

Till next time, love.


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