It’s your day.

I’m not going to talk about the yellow washing machine.

Waking up at 6, or maybe 7, but sleeps at 12

I wonder if you gets enough sleep.

I wonder, what drives you to go forward everyday

I rarely voice out this thought that I had since long long time ago.

Through numerous stories from the outside,

Inside of me will never stop thinking how blessed I am.

With an open mind,

I discover and familiarise myself with the unknowns in the absence of barriers and rules

I catch small fish beside the drain outside my house

Not knowing there are scary creatures swimming around, until I see one.

I started to watch movies when I was 9 while some of them were wishing they were me.

With the encouragement of exploring the unknown while you can and are able to,

I visited places which are 2944 miles far away from me.

Unfortunately, as I grow up,

I discover dark holes inside me

In the meantime of drowning in the pool of misery, worthlessness and emotional swing

This dark hole widens and deepens itself.

It’s not a new hole but it may be a surprise to you.

While I was trying to fill up the growing dark hole,

While I was thinking I’m fighting this alone,

You are there, pouring me with unconditional love,

Not through words but with actions.

You are my pillar of support

That I know will never crumble.



About Angeline Lee

Hi there. I'm the creator of all the content. Thank you for dropping by!
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