Can someone put this into a song?


Be quiet,

You thought that being quiet, you won’t disturb him.

You thought you know him.

But he screams when you try to be quiet the next time.

Is he gonna leave?

Or is he living here like his own home?

can we ever make peace?

you scream, you laugh, you cry, you cringe

Sometimes I cant see hope in your eyes.

your emotion is like a swing, moving with the wind.

It can be high up into the sky, it can stop moving at times.

Looking in the mirror, you say ” tomorrow will be a new start ”

And tomorrow never come.

You see, It’s a cycle,

a cycle of disgust, frustration, depression, fear, anger and anxiety.

One day when you think that you can ride away from the cycle

But you re in the cycle the next hour.

Not one, not two, but countless questions of why and how

One, two , three and I lost count.

I wish counting them helps,

but still, they are left unanswered.







I guess, I dont wish to have 3 birthday wishes, my only birthday wish is to be free from this dark hole.


About Angeline Lee

Hi there. I'm the creator of all the content. Thank you for dropping by!
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