Now it has become a habit of mine to watch youtube videos before I sleep. Recently, I just realised that It’s even more comfortable to do that in my hostel living room. hahhaa. because usually when I watch videos in my hostel room, I will switch off all the lights and adjust my laptop lights to 0% but it is still too bright for me and I’m quite worried about my eyes. But when i switch place to the living room, I can turn on the lights in the dining area, so its not too dark and not too bright in the living room, I can watch videos without worrying that my vision will get harmed. And it’s so convenient that I don need to switch off the lights because the brightness of the environment is on point that I have no problem sleeping. I guess, Im going to sleep in the living room until I finish my final examination heheeh.

Moving on,

Everyday, I have task to accomplish before I end my day with youtube videos and sufficient sleep, which is to fill up my self monitoring sheet. Basically, I just need to fill in what I ate for the day and what’s my thought/comment/feeling during/before/after the particular meal. I’m supposed to record it after every meal instead of recording it after the day. But, I didnt do it la, cuz i think it’s really not convenient for me and I think that my compliance can be maintained better if i just record my thoughts and feelings one shot at the end of the day. Nevertheless, I will still record what I ate after every meal or I will take photo of my meal so that I rmb every detail of the meal when I record after that. In case you are curious how does my self monitoring sheet look like, here is it.

This is the example of my self monitoring sheet for yesterday.


yep, read it, you will know how little things can trigger my urge to eat, you will know how little things can make me struggle inside.


I think I should update my self recording sheet here more often, as a record for myself ( cuz I will pass this sheet to my psychologist and I dont think i can get it back) and this gives my readers more insight of me ( if you re interested to know about me and care for me) blablabla.


Till next time 🙂


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