Unusual Morning Post


it feels so good to wake up before your alarm rings. ngek ngek. Whats better?

Waking up early and knowing that you have no class and you have the whole day to do what you want and like. Yes.

So wats my plan for today: hmmm lets see

  • Watch youtube videos (definitely not gonna miss it)
  • start my studies for my final

Yes, to study, every semester I talked to myself that I need to start early so that I dont need to stay up every night to study. Nothing different for this semester, I DEFINITELY GONNA START MY STUDIES EARLY. I have 11 days left to study before my finals. This is my last sem for having theory-based exam in which every question (question about theory, question about application of the theory) is answered in words. Next semester, which is going to start on August, Im going to have my practical session. I will get to meet the real patients, I will start to experience the real time counselling session (I guess). Good thing is that there will be no exams for my next semester, Bad things are (do you notice I use “are”?) there are a few assignments ( a few but tough assignments) that we need to complete before the semester ends, the things that I learn during the next semester and the last semester before I graduate  will be examined during my last semester. This means that I have to squeeze all the info and skills I have ( skills to counsel patient, knowledge about the pathophysiology of a certain disease, what to take note of in terms of the dietary and application of the dietary prescription, etc) Plus, most of the patients will not only have one disease, usually they will have several diseases at one time when they come to see you, for example, Obese patient, most probably will have knee problem, T2DM, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, hypertension or cardiovascular health problem. OMG , i feel so overwhelmed now, maybe I should do revision during my sem break so that Im not that panicked and clueless during my next semester.

  • planning my first video? maybe

Was having this on my mind lately. I want to do a video with content, smtg like introductory video ( im not sure whether introductory is a legit word anot, I just googled, yes, It’s legit!!). Introducing myself, what I want to let people know about me, What I like , what I dislike, what kind of content for my future videos blabla. This is just a big picture of the video content, but I havent really specifically list out what information to put it. You probably dint know that who inspired me to want to make videos. She is a youtuber (obviously), and she’s younger than me (this year, 19? I cant rmb), she’s an art student but she dropped out of college, she used to be a vegan, she is a korean living in United states currently (Im not sure if she’s borned in US tho). Anyway the main point is, I like how she makes artistic videos ( not all her videos are artistic) but many of them are artistic, aesthetic (I saw many comments mentioning this word, which I agree as well). They are stress-relieving, pleasantly nerve-calming and most importantly, they made me feel joyful ( I dunno why, maybe because it causes my body to secrete the hormones for joy? hahahah). You can press this link here,   It’s her latest video regarding her morning routine when she was at Japan. From that video, I think you can notice why I love her.

From the choice of music, flow of the scenes to the angle ( I duno if this is the right word) she takes the video. Everything, I just love it so much.

Thats why I wan to make videos, to inspire people, to bring joy to people as much as I could, and also to show people that we are all humans and in my life I have my ups and downs which all humans will definitely experience and struggle from through my videos.

And I just had this thought/idea, To increase awareness of mental health to people.

Yes, I feel the passion running through me while I am writing this. OMG. it feels so so good.

  • workouttttt

Talking about workout, as you know, I have that eating problem issue and I stopped working out for awhile right now. Recently, I started working out once again, yesterday was the second day.

No, my eating problem issue is not resolved yet, but its improving, so im thinking, why not, I will see how it goes, and I will stop immediately if it affects my condition adversely.


Okay, 3 morning pages, done for today.

You didnt know about morning pages?

Will tell you the next time. omg, when I see the word “next time”, it reminds me of the birthday wish (2nd and 3rd) that I havent updated here. Shit.


Whatever, Till next time, have a good day 🙂


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