A short comeback.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh heyyyyyyyyyy peeeepooooooo

YES, after a few days being MIA, im backkkk.


Recently, I ‘ve been staying at my hostel the whole day doing my thesis. Well, not exactly the whole day, I cant stay in a space for the whole 24 hours, I will definitely have one of the main meals outside. Like yesterday, I had lunch with Grace at a Malay stall near my hostel. The day before yesterday, I had Japanese smtg ( I dunno what is the name of the dish) but basically it’s just rice, pork slices, egg and miso soup.

Im actually planning in my head what to eat for dinner tonight. b’coz I’ve finished my thesis. Yayyyy. Omg the moment when I finish arranging the citation and references, I feel so relieved and excited at the same time. Alright, not to say I finished my thesis completely, cuz I haven’t proofread it and it is still considered as draft cuz i need to send it to my research supervisor and make amendments if needed.

okay, so what should I eat tonight?

I have 3 on my mind right now.

  1. One, Japanese cuisine – mixed mushroom soba.
  2. Second one is Japanese cuisine as well, I just googled the name, Oyakodon (rice with chicken and egg).
  3. Third one is Western fast food – Burgerlab – any burger and fries. YUM.

Oh yea, I missed my cousin sister’s wedding yesterday.

Not bcoz of my thesis, not bcoz of my class tests.

I’m not ready to meet people who are close to me besides my family and close friends.

I gained weight recently and I dont feel good in my current body shape right now and I don’t really want to be judged or criticised especially when I know my relatives (one or two) will definitely tease me. I’m currently in the state where I’m vulnerable to negative opinions and I don’t want to experience any mental breakdown due to external factor which I can choose to avoid.

So yea, that’s all for the update, I’m gonna study for my nutrition in sport and get prepared for assignment discussion tomorrow.


See you 🙂


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