One of those days.

Ahhh, I missed my dental appointment. It only takes one day of holiday to mess up my mind. I was too overwhelmed with post-thesis-presentation excitement and I forgot yesterday was Tuesday and I was supposed to meet my dentist. After my lab session, I quickly rushed to the clinic and apologised to the receptionist. She told me that my dentist thought she didn’t remind me ( but she did ) and she scolded her lol. I’m really really sorry. I felt bad because I was having fun with my friends last night but she got scolded for my mistake.

Moving on,

I’m supposed to have lunch with my one of my old friends this afternoon, but I couldn’t make it. Actually, I felt bad for having to postpone our outing for so many times (5? 6?). I think we have not met each other for two months now, thanks to my busy schedule. I know and I understand how disappointing it is when you plan to meet up with someone, but the plan failed so many times and you feel so unimportant to that person. Trust me, I’ve been to that state before. YES, Im busy, but Im not that busy until I couldn’t make time for hanging out with people. I could, but usually this friend of mine is usually free only in the morning or afternoon which was my busiest hour ( lectures, lab session, meetings). Attending classes, finishing up my assignments and going for meetings are my responsibilities. If it’s you, how would you manage? Plus, he is not free on weekends.

I am not sure how is he feeling now or what is he thinking right now, but if he really stand in my shoes, he will understand.

OHMY, let’s see how much work I need to finish within these 2 weeks.

  • nutrition in exercise n sports – report
  • 2 food safety lab reports
  • food safety field visit report
  • study for 2 class tests next week

I need to chill, I need hugs right now.



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