23 years old

To be honest, at the age of 23, I still have expectation for birthdays.

I still wish to receive birthday wishes and birthday gifts.

You may wonder, so why did I hide my birthday date on FB and Snapchat?

here’s why, I look forward to birthday wishes from the people I care, like my family, my close friends, my relatives and of course, my imaginary pet dog (Rocky). To me, it’s quite annoying to layan other people’s birthday wish no matter in real life or on social media. First of all, I hate to have to comment on everyone’s birthday wishes that people posted on my FB wall because it’s rude not to do so. Besides, I don’t like my FB wall being fully-occupied by birthday wishes, NO-No. Things get even worse for me when it comes to real life. When people know it’s your birthday, they will come to you and wish you ‘Happy Birthday’, including those that are not that close to me and those that you only say hi/bye to them (cuz besides hi and bye, there’s nothing else to say). It’s kinda uncomfortable for me to have to say thank you again and again. Plus, my smile is not genuine all the time, its hard for me to put up a smile all the time, I might fake a smile sometimes and people may notice it (drama happens after that).

Okay, moving on,

So,my birthday celebration is pretty dull this year. I missed those years where your friends plan a surprise for you or a group of friends go for dinner just to celebrate your birthday. Good ol’ days. hmm.

22/4/17 – I actually make a schedule for this day, Let’s see how much I ve achieved:

7+am – jogging/ workout  Image result for wrong sign without background ( I failed to wake up early, I missed my alarm T.T)

9am – breakfast Image result for correct sign without background ( I will fail everything, except this, lmao)

9.30am – Modify my slides for thesis presentation Image result for correct sign without background ( I have no idea why I always take so long to do presentation slides, I use hours to modify it tho, I managed to finish it after my dinner LOL)

12pm – facial Image result for correct sign without background(yep, I will never fail this as well, cuz I have missed my facial for so many monthssssss)

2.30pm – self reflective report Image result for wrong sign without background

evening – dinner with my bud. Image result for correct sign without background ( BLACK MARKET WITH OOILIN YO)

So yea, basically that’s how I spend my ‘birthday’ day.

Yesterday night, something weird happened, so my ex boyfriend decided to meet me up cuz he prepared a birthday gift for me. I was thinking to myself “whuttttt? why? why now? whats happening, what is this?” So we met, downstairs, I said hi with a genuine smile, he smiled, I saw him holding alot of stuff, and he said ” here, these are your clothes (they smell nice, lol, im particular with clean clothes that smell nice, im weird, but dont judge), there’s durian flavour coffee inside, and I bought touhua (aka soybean curd) and soy milk for you and this is your birthday present”, guess what happen next? He started crying. uhhh, I stunned for awhile, ” why are you crying? whats wrong? are you okay? what happened?” but I didnt manage to get any answer from me, I gave up asking, so I gave him a hug and said “dont cry d, drive safe”, and i just left.

Pics laterrrrr.

So when i reached my hostel, the first thing to do is to open the present la of course. oh NO, one more thing, when I was placing the beancurd & the drink into the refrigerator, I noticed the sugar in the beancurd is not black sugar, ” WHY THE HECK DID YOU NOT NOTICE THAT I ALWAYS HAVE SOYBEAN CURD WITH BLACK SUGAR WHY WHY WHY” We ve been together for almost 9 months tho, and we ve had soybean curd so often but u failed to notice. hmmm, should I feel disappointed about this or not? Its okay, let it go, so lets see what he got me…

But luckily he still rmb I like to drink coffee and I like durian. HENG AHHHH


OH, and he got me this phone case, I LOVE IT VERY MUCHHHHH.

I almost missed this. LOL, his handwriting is as ugly as mine.

Anyway, I cannot deny the fact that this is the first time he got me gift, of all time, he picked the moment after we have broken up for 2 months ++. Still, Im happy la, who dont like present, little thing is still something right.

Thank you, sincerely.

I shall end this here.

I shall update about my 2nd birthday wish, not now, but soon.

Ciao. 🙂


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