Birthday wish #1

So, everyone will get to make 3 wishes for his/her birthday. 

And yay, now I get to make mine. 🙂 

My 1st wish, 

Is to be mentally strong !! 

I don’t know what other people think about mental health. Personally, I think that mental health is extremely important because whatever you do gets affected by what you feel and think and what you do will affect the inner you as well, so it’s like a cycle. Physical-mental-physical-mental

Since we are always encouraged to see a doctor to have regular medical check up annually, so why not regular mental health checkup? This thought was inspired by one of my fav youtubers, Anna Akana. She talked about psychologist and mental health in one of her videos few years back and since then I strongly believe that having a mental health check up regularly is necessary. However, not many people is aware about that, they see psychologist as someone you see when you have mental disorder. (*note: psychologist is different from psychiatrists, if you don’t know what’s the difference, do check it out via google)  And, it’s sad to see that the cost of one visit to psychologist is so high that not everyone can afford. 😦 

Anyway, so I was mentioning about being mentally strong. 

In this case, it includes being determined enough to achieve what I want, being emotionally stable ( not easily get affected by negative stuff that hits me/able to recover quickly from negative emotions), more self-love less self-criticism. 

And most importantly, is to be free from my eating problem. 🙏🙏🙏

I watched many YouTube videos and listened to this eating problem sufferers who have recovered, sharing their journey to recovery, past experience, their thoughts and feelings. Most of them have mention that this eating problem is like an ongoing thing, it will never go away, it will fade, it will come back again and it’s just a matter of how you handle it and practise to reduce its possibility of haunting you. 

I understand it’s gonna be a long journey. My psychologist has planned a 20-sessions programme for me, hopefully I will recover by then. 

So yea, 1st wish for my birthday on 2017. 



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