A good day

Yasssss, no binge eating today, OMG YESSSS FINALLY

it’s a good start for making changes. I’m really really satisfied with what I’m doing today and how I’m coping with my urge to eat today. I know people won’t understand why am I so happy about this but I’m just happy with myself making improvement even though it’s a small step.

Yesterday was a disaster, I’m not being myself, I’m even shocked about my behaviour yesterday, that is so not me.

Whenever u feel down, read this,

“hey, I understand how u feel, despite how frustrated you feel about yourself and how people around you including your family don’t understand you sometimes, at least you understand yourself and you should always believe that one day,ONE DAY you will find someone who is willing to understand you and is able to create that environment where you are comfortable to say anything without being judged, without being fear of rejection. But before this, believe in yourself, believe in your own capability to stand back up, its okay not to be perfect sometimes, stop being too harsh to yourself, after all, your happiness and wellbeing rather than your wealth and success will be your ultimate life goal.”

2 more days till the release of my medical report, counting down.



How nice it would be if I’m able to share this happy day with someone, so I can influence him/her day as well hmmm


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