Day 3

Im tired, im so tired, im very tired and sleeph.

Diet Intake:

8smtg in the morning: Taufufa with black sugar

12smtg at noon : 4 cashew nuts, 2 sunsweet prunes

1-2pm: chicken salad (4-5 chicken breast slice, lettuce, capsicum, pesto sauce)

3-4pm (ND lab): 4-5 cubes of pineapple, 2 small pieces of tempeh, 1/2 piece of bread with pumpkin spread, 1/8 slice of apple

8-9pm (Steven’s corner) – 1 thosai

10.30pm (home) – 1 cup of coffee (Ah Huat low fat coffee 1/2 satchet 68kcal), 1 grape , 1 slice of dragon fruit.

Physical activity:

Swimming, frog style (1 hour)




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