Day 2

14/3/2017 Tuesday

Diet intake :

7smtg in the morning (hostel) – a small cup of milk (Dutch Lady) with Berry Muesli(1/2 cup) (brand: Monster)

10smtg in the morning (uni) – a cup of cafe latte

1pm at noon (medifood) – egg sandwich (egg in mayo, 1.5 slice of bread, tomato, lettuce, cucumber)

5 smtg in the evening (hostel) – 1 packet of (Dutch Lady low fat high calcium 2oomL) milk

9 smtg at night – a bowl of mee sua soup (36g of mee sua before cook, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of buna shimeiji mushroom, 1 cup of broccoli

11smtg (house at botanic) – apples and mangoes

Physical activity:

running machine ~30mins, forward lunge 15 reps 2 sets, reverse lunge 15 reps 2 sets, side lunge 15reps 2 sets, goblet squat 20reps 2 sets, wide leg squat with dumbbell 20reps 2 sets, duck walks 3 small circles 2 sets, bridge 10reps 1 set; 15 reps 2nd set.



Went back to my house at botanic, thats when my craving started, cravings for creamcrackers (any kind of food actually), decided to eat apples and mangoes instead.

This afternoon, I saw this youtube video by themingthing.

The storyline of the short film is pretty simple and old-fashioned. however, I love the message that they want to bring it up to the audience.

  • Change is the only constant.
  • To say love doesnt change is to say love isnt alive
  • Love grows and change comes along with it.
  • Love changes people// Love grows and we grow along with it.
  • Change is something to be expected in life. So dont fear it but embrace it and grow along with it in life and in love.

The reason why I love the messages so much because I am the kind of person who dont like changes, I dont like the occurence of changes especially when im mentally prepared for smtg to happen and i get annoyed when Im expecting and im prepared to do smtg and suddenly boom! urgent meetings, schedule changes…. etc. I do realise that this is not a good habit and I should do smtg with it. So, basically, this video kinda reminds me/ motivates me to change.





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