13/3/2017 Monday

1st day of the journey for transformation.

Talked to Ms. Kelly this morning regarding my problematic eating disorder. She gave me a few suggestion to try on myself before I turn to seek for help from the professionals.

  1. Eat more during the daytime to reduce/prevent cravings or the urge to eat at night.
  2. Try to avoid caffeine, it will help to suppress appetite but you will eat more after that.
  3. Keep a diary recording the episode of binge eating.

So here I am, recording the details of the day. I will try my best to make this diary recording stuff a habit of mine.

Food intake :

10 smtg in the morning (medifood) – 1 bowl eggy salad with pesto sauce (didnt finish all, left quite a number of lettuce leaves), few sips of pineapple vinegar

12.35pm (driveway) – 1 cup of mad alchemy cafe latte

4smtg in the evening(hostel) – 1 char siew pau (removed some fatty part), 1 orange, 5 grapes (green, seedless)

7smtg at night (hostel) – 1 packet of oat krunch (strawberry & blackcurrent flavour)

12 smtg midnight (hostel) – 1 grape, 1 small cup of low fat milk with muesli (oat, raisins, pumpkin seed)

Physical activity:

10:06pm – 11:10pm

warm up, ~25min of cardio workout, 50 sit ups, tricep workout (abit), inner thigh workout (abit), oblique workout(abit), plank (30s, 1min)


Has an urge to eat more around 4 smtg after eating the char siew pau, my mind keep on thinking about food, try to distract myself with hk drama, lay on bed to watch drama and go for a 20-minutes nap.

Anyway, I must write about this. Every friend of mine should know besides red bean pau and kaya pau, i wont eat any type of pau. After class, I planned to buy red bean pau, but the uncle mistakenly took the wrong pau and I noticed it when I was at my hostel. it’s very frustrating nehhhh, I crave for red bean pau and im mentally prepared for red bean pau, but no red bean pau….zzz I’m so calories-conscious that i went to check the difference in nutrients between the two paus. Surprisingly, char siew pau has less calories (~160kcal) than red bean pau (~200kcal) ehhhh. but it has higher content of cholesterol and sodium.

Okay. Thats all for today. Goodnight 🙂



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