When im stressed,

i bite my fingernails

My eyes move very fast, trying to seek for security, someone who is safe to lean on,

My brain cant stop thinking what should i do,

Eventually, I will turn to food.

Since when you binge on food to seek for satisfaction

Since when you purge to seek for the relief of guilt

Since when you convince yourself tomorrow you wont do that again

Since when you repeat the same thing again and again

You re getting ill, no , you are ill.

Mentally, you admit it secretly, you talk to people about it, but it  doesnt help

they are not professionals, besides listening and scolding, they cant do much

And after some time, you are the only one who is left with the problem

When are you going to stand up to your problems?

When are you going to stop being such an irrational immature adult?

When are you going to be responsible to yourself?

When are you going to stop letting ppl around you and most importantly you yourself, down?

How many times should i remind you to focus, focus on yourself, focus on what you wish to be, focus on what your really, stop relying on others, stop seeking for happiness from others, create your own happiness.




About Angeline Lee

Hi there. I'm the creator of all the content. Thank you for dropping by!
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