Here’s to my Best Buddy

Sorry, i know this is late, sorry hahahah. I should have finished this earlier. I said sowwy, now do your part, forgive me !

Hmmm. how should I start this?  hmm. okay. I pick the traditional way. *wink*

Dear Ooi Lin,

Happy 22nd birthday!! FEEL OLD MOU. NVM, JIE JIE HAVE THIS FEELING 2 MONTHS AGO. Guess wat’s worse than feeling old on your own birthday? *drumroll* Your best friend forgets your birthday *clapclapclap* eh, i dont forget stuff so easily kay! especially someone make me upset. tsk. hahahaha. kay la. just kidding la. Ur birthday present from me is forgiveness. I officially forgive you, ooilin, yes, dont feel guilty anymore.

If I am given a chance to say my last word to you before I die, I will say:

“Thanks for coming into my life.” #withtears

When I am reflecting my past, you actually witnessed my 2 breakups. wooooooo~ What i want to say is, thanks for being there for me during my breakups, thanks for taking care of me when i’m drunk. Psssst, i kinda miss red wine when im writing this.

Your good thing that i notice:

Family-oriented guy (very), abit thick face, abit talkative, quite observant la ( you manage to notice guys who check out on me hahahah, thank you for letting me know that I am still attractive), memory capacity fluctuates from time to time ( you forget my birthday but u manage to rmb what i mentioned before), A guy with plans ( as in plans for future not plans for where to eat. keep this, this is what makes a gal fall into trap), a good listener (I know you will always listen to me when i brag about my stuff even though its lame sometimes.), a good secret keeper ( i assume) ( k la, maybe you will tell your sis la but i assume you keep all my  secrets la.hahahaha I will still tell you secrets la don worry)

YAY, now your bad thing:

Short HAHAHAAHHA, k la this cant change d. soli ah. Next, Fat, HAHAHAHAHAH this oso cannot change d, soli ah. okok, serious liao, this one u can change. I think one thing that you can improve yourself is to learn to groom yourself. A pair of shoes for hangouts is never enough, ooilin, trust me, you need more pairs of shoes. Take care of your face, your acnes are getting better which is a good thing, dont eat all those trash d, girls like nice clean face. ( I say de)

Come, close your eyes, take 5 minutes to reflect back what we have gone through together, (movies, pet exhibition, rock climbing, gambling at your house, trying food at nice places,… k think urself) Did you notice that im adorable ? HAHAHAAH, i know.


Lastly, I wish that you can buy a new car asap and come fetch me. no la, I wish our friendship will be as strong as hmmm, a hammer. Cheers to our 7th years of friendship. wait till the 10th year, we should do something special and exciting like cliff jumping or bungee jumping or flying a plane or travelling together or participating in Amazing Race Asia. 🙂 🙂


Best regards,




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