Seriously, I feel really stressed right now.

5 more days , IELTS speaking test

6 more days, IELTS writing, reading and listening test. I think that no matter how much I prepare myself or finish the practice tests, I am not ready. ughhhhhhhhh I hate this feeling of not being confident. :/

9 more days, dance competition. I just found out yesterday that the competition is held at the atrium and it’s after the open ceremony of IMU cup. In other words, there will be alot of people watching me including my friends and my not-so-close friends. SHIT.

Assignmentsssss. This short semester isnt meant to be this hectic, but why?

My squash team *sigh* Can one more Hydra come up to me and says he is willing to join the team? PLEASE LA, I dont want my team to be disqualified without having to playyyyyyyy. 😦

okay, cant write anymore.


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