To be alone.

Half a year. I’ve been single for half a year. Yet, what bugs me the most is not about being single.

What I currently want the most is to learn how to spend time with myself. Sometimes, I love spending time to be alone in my own space, not hanging out, doing whatever I would like to do such as using the laptop (mostly, usually). To be honest, I’d even cancel my appointment with my friends just to stay at home. However, there are times that I find spending time with myself is torturing and depressing. That is when I allow my thoughts to flow freely, but usually they will flow to the negative path. And that is when overthinking happens. I can overthink anything, any situation very easily. (like seriously)

Many people would ask, is spending time with oneself important?

My answer is YES. OF COURSE.

By learning how to spend time with yourself, you will rely on yourself, you will not depend on others for companion. For instance, if you are in a relationship, it’s impossible that you and your loved ones can spend time together 24/7. Everyone needs space. By spending time with yourself, you are able to give yourself as well as your partner the space required. Being needy every single time is not cute AT ALL, it is annoying and pathetic. If you ask me, I won’t feel sorry for a girl who is being dumped because of being too needy.

As I was saying about spending time with yourself, you can only think clearly and make clear and rational decisions when you are with your own. Without anyone being around you, you get to think and make plans wisely without any effect from the surroundings. You get to know deep down in your heart what you really want and what is really good and suitable for you. Of course, before making decision, listening to what others have to say and getting opinions from different people different aspects are important. I’m not saying that you dont need other people’s advice. What I meant is that after getting all the information, being alone is necessary to make choices.

Currently, I’m still learning to be with myself. I’m still learning to deal with depression.

No, I don’t need help. However, I don’t mind if you would like to speak to me about this.

Take care.


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