Great day.

Finally there’s something I’m happy about.

I had badminton session today. Like finally. Thanks Alvin for inviting me. So nice of him, hahahah, cause I dont need to pay for the court, I dont need to bring shuttle cock, I just need to bring myself and my racquet. *clapclap* I’m so happy because I get to play badminton. I always hope that my form 6 gang can get to play badminton together once more, but deep down I know that this is not gonna happen. Nehmind. The more I think about this , the more kek xim I will get. So, I need to MOVE ON. Today I get to play with alvin and his colleagues. Although I don’t really know all of them, but I enjoy playing with them. Thank you, guys. I appreciate the opportunity.

While I was peeing in my toilet, preparing to bath, I saw this cockroach (without wings, different type of cockroach) aka oriental cockroach ( found in google ). I don’t hate cockroach. I just don’t like them to come near me or in my area. I’m not afraid of cockroach, but I don’t dare to catch it with my bare hands. I spent alot of time in my bathroom cause I play with the cockroach to teach it a lesson not to exist around me. I shoot water to it, let it run here and there, let it be nervous. Eventually, I covered it with a plastic cup so that I can bath knowing that it can’t come near me while I’m bathing. #brilliant #soproudofmyself

The moment when I was watching TV while having my dinner, my this friend, Alvin ajak me to Tanjung Harapan aka the no. 8 bridge. Actually, I never hang out with him before, only for badminton sessions. Few days ago, he ajak me for movie with his sister, but I rejected , firstly because I’m scared of the awkward moment and secondly I watched the movie before already, even worse, twice. When he ajak me this time, I thought for awhile and at last I said yes. Why? Cause I thought that I should go out, quite some time I haven’t hang out with people d. Nehmind la awkward den awkward la. Give myself a chance to mix with people and make friends la. I ve known him for quite some time d, since primary or secondary school, I guess, I don’t really remember. I thought it’s going to be me and him only. To my surprise, his sister and her bf came along too. And to my surprise too, there are no awkward moments. We take pictures, we talk, we laugh, we joke around, we have fun. It’s the first time for me to go Tanjung Harapan. We light up the big lantern, his sister and I throw little pumpkin into the sea. I’m glad that I made the decision to hang out with him. Thanks, we should hang out more and be good friends.

These few days I go to bed lately, really late, around 4-5. Yep, insomnia if you are guessing. Drama plays a role too. Sighhhh.


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