A summary about 4 Magic Words !

So, I was browsing through my facebook newsfeed as usual and I saw this link with the title “To Lose Weight, Studies Show These 4 Words Work Like Magic”.

Which 4 words?

As we know that, we are what we eat. So, the key elements that succeed our weight loss plan is to look after what we eat. We know what to eat and when to stop, but sometimes we come to situations where we are not ready of. For example, you stay up late and you are hungry, boss wants you to have a drink in the bar, etc.

Therefore, we need these first two words, if and then , to make responses for emergency situations. If X happens, then Y. What we need to do is to create a list of emergency situations that you might have which is X and plan your responses which is Y. In case emergency situations happen, you will react as what you planned. Make it a habit, action plans pull you away from temptations.

When you come to food choices, I don’t  are better words than I can’t . When you are telling yourself that you can’t eat this, there is high percentage that you will still have it. Studies show that people that say I don’t eat this is better in avoiding that particular food than those that say I can’t eat this.

There you go, 4 magic words, if and then & I don’t .

I can try this. 🙂


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