Please make me like chinese new year.
I just can’t feel the excitement anymore. Seriously.
I don’t hate, but it doesn’t seem necessary to me anymore. Tomorrow will be better, I guess.
Can you imagine? Me jogging in the evening on the first day of chinese new year when all the chinese are busy visiting people’s houses?
Anyway, there’s not much of people in the garden this evening. And I actually quite like it – the idea of owning the whole garden. You don’t need to avoid the eye contact with other people, you don’t need to consider whether to smile to people or not.
Some people just don’t know how to read signboard. I just wish those morons will stop riding their motorcycles around the garden and stop the vrooming sound ( it’s freaking irritating ). And I just wish people would stop fishing there. Can’t you all just leave the fish alone? Damn.

Anyway, I have quite some plans in my to-do list, hoping to finish them as much as I can in this year.
– volunteering in SPCA to take care of the dogs.
– to travel to anywhere
– to bake
– to read as much English books as I can
– to learn about investment and learn to handle myself well financially
– movies


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