Be tough, girl.

The End doesn’t really means game over. It means the chance of living again for any purpose. I relive again, just without the person I thought would be by my side like for the rest of my life.

How are you doing? This question seems simple, yet involves many answers I want to know.
I always wonder. Kay, Stop wondering. Over, over, over.
Going back leads to the same situation, girl.
Please don’t complicate my mind. I am weak. I can’t handle this.

Never go back, never think back, move forward, girl.
Never look back, never.
Since when this tough girl cries so easily?
Since when welling up this tough girl’s eyes become so easy?
Not to over think is a good thing. Not to think is the best thing.

Be wise to choices on what to do next.

To focus on myself is the most important thing to do.

Please don’t disturb my memories, let it rest. Just rest there and don’t ever come back. Like forever. Sometimes I desperately wish to rewind the time, to undo, to avoid something that I wish not to happen. Time machine, where are you? Where are you when I really need you so much. Sometimes I really feel disappointed with myself for letting and allowing myself to suffer and let others to hurt me.
Please forgive me for those irrational choices, for the mistakes I should not have done.

Please release me from guilt, from over thinking, from depression, from low self esteem, from fats,from wrong choices, from trouble, from unhealthy relationships, from toxic people, from pessimism, from being introvert.

Please make me a better person, a stronger person, a wiser person, a thoughtful person, a healthier person.

I need wisdom, charisma, health, wealth, family, friends that treasure me.

I hate memories sometimes.

Bang me with this car. Let me be free of memories.

Drop a tree on my head and hit my head.

Just make this memories away from me. As far away as they can be.

Hope this ends soon.

From now on, I shall learn to protect myself, I shall be free from control, I shall be free to be what I want to be.


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Hi there. I'm the creator of all the content. Thank you for dropping by!
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