Random. idk wat to put as title. LOL

Today, I finished my muet speaking test. Im not nervous at all and i dont know why, maybe it is because I have practised many times with my group. 

Unfortunately, the absence of my nervousness doesnt help me alot. I dont think I perform well enough in the test. duhhh. During the section A , I stop for quite some times. I feel like killing myself, thinking that im screwed. But i think im still okay in the group discussion. DUHHHH. Phew, finally its over! have to focus on other tests now. 

To those people who are having the speaking test :

As what i mention in my previous post, everyone has their own priorities. They get to choose what is the most important in their life. We cannot do anything but to increase your own value so that we can become person which are deserved to be others’ priorities. 

I dont know exactly how to increase one’s value, maybe by reading, changing your lifestyle, changing your communication skill, changing your behaviour or whatever. 

And people, stop saying that you dont give a shit with what others comment about you. You do care. Everyone will more or less get affected by the comments people give you. Its just a matter of we can accept it or not. 

Accept . Change what you should change. And lastly, 

Well here’s two quotes which may motivate you to have a great life. Cheers to people who are ready for it ! 🙂




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