Tough days.

Recently, i mean within these one or two months, my days are tough. Physically and mentally.
I dont anticipate for school days anymore. The thing that i want to do the most when im in the school is to go home. Cause when im in my house, i dont need to face people besides my family.
Starting to feel alone when im in the crowd. And i hate this feeling.
In my class, i spend most of my time doing homework with my earphones on. I do socialise with my classmates.
Within months, a lot of things happened whether i want it or not.
When things dont go our way, we are forced to accept the way it become.
So i accepted. 
I ve already understood that once lost, it will never get back. Mistake done will never get forgiveness sometines.
I ve already get used to being neglected, being replaced. I dont expect. I dont blame. I wont get mad. Cause i know everyone has their own priorities over things.

Five months more.
And im a free man.
Tired of tears.
I hate that my feelings get influenced so easily.

Pray hard that everything goes smoothly for the rest of my school day.
And i sincerely hope and wish that those people that i care live a good life.


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Hi there. I'm the creator of all the content. Thank you for dropping by!
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