He cut hﹰis hair. Why so short? Hahaahah. Looking from side, he looks funny. But from the front, he looks cute. Hehehe.

有人说, 是你的就是你的。 担心也没用。 如果他真的不属于你的, 就算你在怎么小心提防, 他还是会离你而去。

Today is the first day of orientation week. Same date as last year. This reminds me that i ve been in high school for one year. There are Only 243 juniors this year. I notice that more parents come to accompany their children. Cant parents let them be more independent? They are already 18 not 8 .duhhhh.
im the group advisor of group 14. My group has quite alot of malay guys. :/ i dont like. Ugh.

I helped my friend today!!!
Hahahaha. I have no idea why i can convince her sis so easily.
Erhem, dear friend, Study hard la. at least put some effort and then get good results. Show ur parents that u still can get  result wuth flying colours even if u re in a relationship. Show that ur relationship wont affect ur studies. Please. U gotta be clear what you should do. Now is just the start. If u dont want to work hard, i dont know how to help you anymore.
Problems solved. Dont be upset d! Smile yo. 🙂


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