Trial exam is over. whee~~ Sincerely hope that muet writing, chem and math will get good results. OMITOFO!!   Yorrr. fking hate PA and i dont know what to do with biology. ._. walaooo. Two more weeks somemore real exam d. ohmygod.

Yesterday i hang out with stacy and chloe. Three of us have not hang out together for so long. Finally , we get to spend time together, just three of us. Argh, now only i remember we forget to take pic together. ish. Anyway, we planned to watch ironman 3 and then go setia alam pasar malam for dinner. But, we scared not enough time, so we just go night market only. It’s my first time going there. hahaha. nice experience, though. I saw alot of pretty girls , i met quite a few people that i know. including my foster. that one really shocked me. i didnt expect to see him again. 

Three of us keep eating. hahahha. especially that 炒粿条, very nice. yum. heheeh. ppl playing badminton, i keep eating. #面壁思过

跟姐妹们坦诚一切,诉苦一番,舒服多了。:) 我们之间的关系真的很复杂,不管怎样我还是很怀念新年那个星期,我今年最开心的一个星期。


Seriously, we cannot judge a book by its cover. What we see doesnt show what really happens. Look at them, they look happy, but then you will never know they are having problem until they tell you. He looks okay doesnt mean he is really okay inside. 


我们会那样吗?._. 在梦里呗。

你会不会讨厌我?会吧,kan facebook chat dou dong le. 

qi shi ru guo ni mei shuo na xie ni hai xi huan wo de hua, wo zao jiu ying gai fang xia le, yi qie ben lai hui mei shi de.

move on, move on. 

yi fang mian yi jing fang qi le, jiu suan ni duo me nu li de xiang zhe ta ye shi mei you yong. 



Dan, wo hai shi hui chang chang xiang dao ni. jiu suan wo men hen shao jian mian. 




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