The first time.

Satrday night – Sunday morning
i have an amazing dﹰream that night. Really unbelievable, magical and wonderful.
I dreamt about we become a thing.
And you are the one who take the first move. We hold hands while walking in the garden.
Awww. How sweet is that.
I ve dreamt about you for numerous time. But, This is the first time i dream about me and you being together.
Hohoho. And when i wake up, i smile, i can feel that im really happy, and i cant even differentiate if its a dream or it actually happens in real life. Then, i go to bath and think for awhile, telling myself it is a dream.
Not going to get it in real life anymore, so having this awesome dream is more than enough. How nice to have this kind of dream every night. Hah.

I have spent a week to study chemistry. Duhh. Chemistry, you better be A. Real exam faster come. I need holidays to rest and rearrange my lifestyle.

跟他做朋友呗, 就像之前。
李嘉婧, 朋友只是朋友,不要越过界限。他只会把你当朋友。 别再哭了,哭了他也不会回来。哭肿了眼睛,在学校怎么见人? 他也没真正关心过你啊,你在留恋他的什么? 没有关心过你,代表他没喜欢你啊,从头到尾。


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