19th birthday.

It’s yesterday. Im officially 19. Awwww, it is the last year of being a teenager 😥  how i wish the time would stop flying and i would like to go back when i was 15-16 years old. This is the age when im the happiest, when im free of overthinking problem, when im in good condition as in health and skin condition. 
Weeks ago before my birthday, i have this  tiny wish that he would celebrate my birthday with me. And he knows about that, but he didnt take any action. Kinda disappointed. I told my friends not to celebrate my birthday cause i really dont feel like celebrating my birthday with anyone but him. Holding the phone whole day, but no calls, no messages from him. (You will never understand how this makes me feel) And i get choonhong’s phone calls and msgs instead. CH asked me out for movie and dinner. He asked me since that afternoon. I choose not to pick up his calls and ignore his msgs. Keep waiting and waiting. Around 7, i get CH’s phone call again. I picked up and i say yes for dinner. Because im starving, mum doesnt buy dinner for me and i skipped lunch. CH brought me to kimgary aeon for dinner. Erm. KimGary will never be my first choice to dine in. I like food but i dont like the food they serve. Nothing special, too salty.. i dont know why KimGary is always full of customers. The korean opposite it,CheGo is much better. o.o
When i was eating, CH’s phone rang. i asked him who called, and he answered friend, but then i saw his phone showing cf. Lol. That time im thinking there’s something happen between both of them. I keep asking him, but he refused to tell the truth. AHAHAA. 被人猜穿谎言不知所措的表情很好笑。 CH sent me home and he said he wanna go toilet cause stomach not feeling well. So, i let him in. That’s when the surprise comes. A group of people suddenly jumped out and sang happy birthday loudly. Im really shocked , everybody can tell cause of my face expression. They say that i nearly cried but i dont remember, but i will surely cry if he come. Stacy wants me to find the presents by giving me clue and i have to follow clues by clues. I was so stupid that day, i took quite some time to figure out what the clue is about and where should i go. And some clues, i still need the people around keep giving hint. It’s in my hse! And i nid to think so long to guess where is it , look how dumb am i
After going round and round on downstairs, ended up the presents are in my room on the upstairs. FUNNEH. before going in my room, i have to make 19 balloons burst. OMG. fyi,Im afraid of making balloons burst. Worse than watching horror movies.
Fortunately, i find a way to get over this phobia. Sit on the balloon! When i get in my room, i saw presents on my bed.
The first thing that come into my mind was omg, u all came in my room before i tidy up my room.


musical Accessories box and birthday card fﹰrom chaifong.
awwww. There’s a ballerina. When i open the box, it will turn and there is music. Thank you very much, chaifong. 🙂


Birthday card and photo frame with photo of seven of us from choonhong and chikin.
The photo is taken last friday. Chikin bluff me that he wanna participate one digilive competition and have to take pic of frens.  Walaoooo. And i never doubt anything. #DUMB 
handmade birthday card yo. Hahaaha. Guys made time for doing this kind of stuff, i should really appreciate their effort. Terima kasih banyak banyak,gentlemen 🙂


Brithday booklet from engsoon, birthday card and 手链 from stacy.
Xie xie  ni ,hiao de!! Was touched with the booklet u made. I ve made birthday card before. It aint an easy job, it is time-consuming. Really thankful that u are willing to make time for this.
Thanks for accompanying me 度过我生日的最后的几小时。:)
Hui, my appreciation towards what ve u done is unexpressable. Your surprise plan is success. I really dont expect that u will make surprises for me. Every detail of the plan never fail to surprise me.
A tight  hug is what i want to give you right now. But, nzp sure wont let. Hahaha. Dont let nzp 霸占 all ur time lah. I need you too 😉

Es and me get to 放孔明灯. Thus is what i wish for estan. “不要有女朋友,我还需要你” hahaha.

Three wishes of my 19th birthday :
1. My family and friends ping ping an an, healthy, happy,shi shi sun li.
2. Stpm get 4.0
3. Of course cannot tell. Of course it is about him.

If birthday wishes really will come true, 那该有多好。

Thanks for those who send their greetings through phone calls , texts, whatsapp, twitter, viber and fb. Thanks Nana ,for the secret recipe cake! Thanks michelle , for  the birthday card.

Thanks for wishing me thru text.
Not gonna mention how much it means to me again.
But i wanna ask, isit so hard to ask me out? Isit so hard to make some move to show that you cared about me? You ignore my msg sometimes. You dont like to chat with me sometimes. I can feel that.  Lol. Even people who is nt close to me, made birthday card for me. 

Anyway , my birthday is over.
Many feelings going on.
等待未知数, 想拥有的东西若即若离, 忽冷忽热是你的计划, 本已经平息的心,又再次大幅度的起伏, 如果你真的不想认真,干嘛来挑逗人家的感觉, 经常安抚自己要耐心等待,好花终究会开,等到何时是未知数,等不等得到也是未知数。


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