countdown .

3 days to go. 

Really have not much expectation. 

lol. im not that type of popular person or having-many-friends type of person. So expecting too much will just make myself down. 

But , i still wish that you will do smtg for my birthday. bu guan shi qing shou zuo huo zhe shi qing shou mai de li wu, wo dou bu jie yi. Zhong yao de shi, ni you na ge cheng yi xiang yao zhu wo sheng ri kuai le. 

lol. I know there is only small probabilities that it will actually happen. But i still hope that it will happen *fingers crossed* 


Jin tian gen ni yi qi chu qu, you yi zhong gan jue, ni hao xiang zai bi kai wo, bu gan kan wo, ye hen shao gen wo jiang hua. Wei he? Wo yi jing you jin liang zai shuo hua le. 

People should just stop asking me what ve i studied. i find it very annoying. Especially those who ask me everyday. WTH. Really cant stand it sometimes. Im afraid that i might get out of control and screw the people. 

i dont mind if you are not that kind of romantic person. i dont mind if you are not caring enough or if you dont know how to show when you care. At least please show some sincerity if you really wan the relationship thingy to work. 上进心很重要。Exam is coming. Spend your time to study and do revision instead of online-ing every night. 




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