It’s her birthday.

Its a special day for the special girl.
Actually i hate to plan things, especially birthday surprises. Cause it is troublesome, many things need to be considered. For example, what does she like, how is the flow of the celebration, how to make it really surprising. Fuhhh, really 伤脑筋。 but, its her birthday leh ,Ma best friend, so no matter what, i must make it for her lah. I planned to celebrate her birthday in the garden near my house. I want to put candles on paper boats and let them float on the lake. When night comes, the scenery will be super romantic and pretty.
On that daﹰy, there were seven of us. We called it 团拜, to make it sounds like we re visiting ppl’s house, but our real aim is to celebrate her birthday. The first stop is choon hong aka lala’s house. What i first notice is he has dogs. Omg. Scary sial. Although they dont bite, but they bark and they will make the sound Grrrr. Somemore one of the dogs just give birth only. More fierce. But the puppies are so lovely cute. The big dogs are so smelly. Like shit. He doesnt bath them, not even once. I wonder if the kutu will jump from the dogs to me anot if the dogs come near me.
Ohh and now i realise that lala is kinda rich. His house can park seven cars i think. Mercedes, mini cooper , fairlady… how lucky to be borned rich. 🙂  i go his house without shinhui. Hahaha. Luckily there is no awkward moment at all. Phew~ seriously, i am not that close with the three guys. We just get closer after the cny. Started to like them a little bit more. When im in his house, i saw his sister. Omg, she is so thin and fair, plus pretty. She will be perfecto if she isnt that thin. #完美女人  I look at her, then i look at myself. Arghhh. I shouldnt make any comparison to avoid low self-esteem. Anyway, im trying to change myself already. Wait for the surprise, babe !
After that,  we went to chikin’s hse. Im surprised that he and his mum look quite alike, especially the eyebrow. Hahhaha. Macam sinchan. When we reach, he and his mum keep on introducing cookies. 超级热情的说, 不试吃都不好意思。Most of the cookies are made by his dad. Cool right? Chikin is our 美食指南针。if we wanna look for great food, me and shinhui will always ask him. That Mah choon hong really very tam jiak. Go every house oso eat even though he says he is full already.

我是个典型的路痴。i have to go that place over and over again only i will remember how to go to that place. And i cant remember route which is complicated. For example, junguang’s house. Even though i went to his house several times, i still cant remember how to go his house.  #fail. By now i just remember how to go stacy’s , nzp’s, chaifong’s, choonhong’s wunyong’s and engsoon’s house.

Nzp’s house.
I love his house. Hahaha. Very the clean. You cant see cobwebs or even dust. I heard they say his mum got 轻微洁癖. See, my friends are so special! The house seems new like they just moved in ,but actually they ve lived there for ten years and more. Fortunately, my mum doesnt have 洁癖, if not she sure pengsan because of me. Im not a tidy person. My room is always a mess, my wardrobe, study table, cupboard and bed . Previously, i never wash my school shoes and my school bag unless it is really very very dirty. However, i ve changed quite alot this year. I wash my shoes and bag every week, the most is two week ( if i forget to wash them or i have no time ). I take my pillows and comforters for sunbath And change the pillow covers once or twice a month to make sure they are free of germs. To live a healthy lifestyle, you need healthy environment!! I take a few days time to clean my room thoroughly for cny. Friends visiting my house is my motivation to clean my room. Hahhaaha. My friends should come my house more frequently to keep me motivated. Anyway, my room is tidy now. I try to make sure everything is in place. Whenever i get the shirt which i dont feel like wearing, i’ll make myself fold the shirt and put it back to the wardrobe. Cleaning the room is hard, maintaining the tidiness and cleanliness is even harder. As they say, practice makes perfect. If i stay like this for some time, being organised will be my habit.
No one likes messy and disorganised person right? Hehe. I have to admit that ng shinhui does affect me for the change. She everyday wash here wash there, 不向她学习都难啊.

Next stop, engsoon’s house.
I went to his house uncountable times. I like to go his house, it’s comfy like shinhui’s house. 他的家是我去过纵多的家中最有新年气氛的! 他本来不想我们去他家的, 因为担心场面会尴尬, 哪里会? 最后现场还不是很融洽吗 ;);)

After that we go shinhui’s house>> chew hau’s house >>my  house 🙂
My house is the last stop. I introduced all of them to my mum since she always complain to me that she knows all of my big bro’s frens but doesnt know mine. Unexpectedly my mum just remember these names, CK, chew hau, mah . She remembers one short de, one cute cute de, one white and fair de. She describes that to me a few days later after their visit. hahaha. Oh ya, i treat them eat my homemade oat choc chip cookies. But most of the cookies are overbaked so they taste abit ‘chao da’ hahaha. Cause i gave the cookies which are in good condition to junguang as his 19th birthday present. Heheh.
Later, i brought them upstairs to show off my room which make me proud. Hahaha. Tidy + clean. We gamble again in my room and this time im the dealer. I thought i would lose money, but the fact is i won, yayyyy, just a little teehee! Then, i told them i have things to do and i went downstairs.
On that day, my relatives also came to my house for dinner. Mum bought alot of nasi lemak and mcd burgers & fries. Too bad im  full after trying the cny cookies in every fren’s house. If not, i would have sapu all the fries. Om nom nom #exaggerating. I havent finish folding the paper boats. I need seventy two paper boats , but the night before , i get to fold until half the amount i needed only. To make it fast, i gathered all my cousins to help me fold the paper boats.
Ng shinhui, you should say thanks to my cousins lo, hahaha.
All my lovely cousins are so helpful and coopeﹰrative. I went upstairs to seek for help for the set up. And that birthday gal was sleeping. 天助我也! So, all the guys came out to help and we left her sleeping alone in my room. #sleepingbeautyyo.

First , we lighted all the candles. We experimented with one paper boat. Luckily, it took quite some time to sink. So we have enough time for the celebration. I left the garden and went back to my house when the set up was almost ready. I woke her up, blindfolded her and led her to the garden. She said, “i didnt expect that you will do these kind of things for me.”
And im thinking ,”Woots, this time the surprise plan is going to work well!”  When the cloth blindfolding her was taken off, she saw everything. I could see that she was happy. But whether she was surprised anot, i ve no idea. HAH.
We bought her the chocolate lava from secret recipe. It is only a tiny chocolate cake with cream on the top. It is supposed to have molten choc inside. But dont know why the choc didnt flow out when she cut the cake.
Here’s some photos of the day :

officially-19-year-old lady

candles arranged in SH , which is the short form of her name. 🙂

two childish teenagers, chew hau and zhian pheng. 🙂

the polar bear and chew hau. 🙂

Another childish de, somemore kiashu wan!

Da he zhao , seven of us 🙂

wo de nv ren hai you wo ❤

yay, i love this pic alot !

engsoon make her a birthday card yo, damn wu xim lo hahaha

i made her birthday card too, so sweet of me ! Awwww..


There are two person who were around botanic area, came by to celebrate shinhui’s birthday.
Emily and serjay sim.
I ve no idea who is emily, but im sure i ve seen her somewhere. Cause she looks familiar.

me , shinhui, serjay and engsoon 🙂
the first time taking pic with serjay.

Emily. the gal that i mentioned just now, and shinhui


I would like to thanks all the guys for cooperation.

Engsoon, thank you for being by my side while planning all the things out. Thanks for providing ideas and discussing things with me. If you werent there, its really hard for me to do all the things alone. And thanks for skyping with me while making the birthday cards together. The five hours is fun. And you re the first friend i skyped with for so long, yay!
Chew hau,
You re not that close with shinhui, but you still cooperate with us. 你积极的态度的确让我对你的印象加分. Thanks!
The three guys,
Xie xie ni men. Ni men ye hen pei he. Ye dai gei da jia hen duo huan le. Ye xie xie ni men du bo shu yu dian dian qian, gei  wo ying dao yi dian dian qian. Ni men san ge dou hen bang! 🙂

Those who cant make it, cf,jaymie and wunyong.
虽然你们不能来, 但我明白你们都有心。:)

After cny, i get closer with the high skul group of frens. I want to let you all know that i precious the friendship between us. It’s ionic bond! #love.


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