Extra long post. :)

Words to self :
Sweetie, you are still not ready for any relationships. You are still not mature enough in these things. In the previous days, you did Idiotic mistakes. People changes. Blame urself instead of blaming others. You want to be what it’s like before but it is not coming back anymore. This is the price for ur mistakes, you re paying it now. The happy endings as you always wish for aint going to happen. You shall stop the dream now. You dont even know what you really want or need. You often fight for things which isnt worth to fight for. You’re way too stubborn to neglect the better ones. Because of your irrational thoughts, you put urself into unnecessary trouble, you cant make a decision, you tell urself that its going to an end after this, but you still continue your blue pathway. You know deep inside that the person u strive hard to get aint worth the effort you put. But you are stupid enough to try continuously.
People wont appreciate everything
you ve done. No matter how much you did, it would only be a waste. Stop it and start loving urself more.
You tried your best, you tried to speak out. Thats it, its really over now. Set yourself free and welcome the happiness,joy,and awesomeness to overwhelm you. Just like tosh said, you re still young, in ur age, you should be working hard in ur studies, playing hard with all the frens, be crazy to let ur teen memories worth to remember,meaningful to tell ur kids the stories. Precious every single friend you have, treasure buddies which are willing to make time you and appreciate all the help offered.
Not to have expectation on others , cause expectations lead to disappointment. 
Lastly, be kind to urself and Ur family, be determined enough, be disciplined and of course, be AWESOME!
~ end ~

Yesterday was the chinese new year eve. Honestly, the night was kinda boring compared to last year. No firecrackers to play. But the good thing happened in the nighy was that i get to skype with my elder brother which is studying in Wisconsin, US. He is going to graduate in The end of this year. My mum planned to go US alone to watch his graduation. I wanna go along too. But my mum dont allow due to the expensive flight ticket. My brother helped me to convince her. So i guess, this end of the year the possibilities of me going US is high! Whee~~~

These days, kids’ childhood is  totally different. Due to the advance development of technologies, children’s toys are no longer barbie dolls or toy cars. Ipad, galaxy note 2 … wth! I still remember when im small that time, i play hide n seek, catching fish n tadpoles , seeking for dragonflies,and having caterpillars as pets. Of course , barbie dolls dont exist in my childhood. My mum wont buy that kind of things for me and i dont like them either. Just now, my lil cousin sister which is five years old cried just because my aunt said she wanna take away the ipad from my cousie’s dad and she cant play ipad anymore. Omg.  Why would parents let their lil kids spend their childhood on the electronic stuff so much?

Recently, im feeling that true friends which care about you like how much you care about them are hard to find. Friendships are just like relationships. We can make friends easily but when it comes to sharing problems and joy , u will find that u re facing dilemma whether the friend is suitable to share ur secrets with and is the friend reliable enough to keep it to himself/herself.
Betrayal often happens just because we share the secrets to the wrong person.
If that case happen, for my opinion, you shouldnt blame the person who betray you. That person dont take you as an important friend, so he doesnt think that he should value ur trust towards him. Blame urself for choosing the wrong person to trust.
And what i find it true is that people often blame other when thing has gone wrong. Blaming others wont help to improve urself.

P/S : all the things above are my perspectives only. Please dont take it too serious.

Happy chinese new year, and lets be awesome together
I love all my friends. 🙂


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