not-that-surprise birthday surprise

28 jan is NANA’s birthday. i planned his birthday celebration for weeks ago. Fyi, i started to think what presents or what surprise should i get for him since december during holiday. Eventually , i came up with this idea to make him strawberry muffins. I started to search through the internet for recipes which is suitable for beginners like me. And i found this website, forget the link already, which provide the recipes in words and also videos demonstrating the making of the muffins. I downloaded all the things i needed and saved them in my pendrive. Yesterday , i started the work around 1 in the afternoon. Preparing the ingredients, whisking eggs, sifting the flour (this is time consuming, for i only have a small size seive, so i sift the flour little by little) , mixing the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and cutting the strawberries.


ta-daaaa!!! Baking the muffins in the oven 🙂

I find that the korea strawberries are way more sweeter than the cameron strawberries. It seems like malaysia product should be improved, hmmmm. Until 5 something , i finished everything including the baking session and washing the apparatus. I tried one muffin and thats when i know that the first time of me making the muffins is a failure. TASTELESS. luckily there are strawberries inside for the sour taste. haha. and i dont know why the muffins dont look like muffins , tak berkembang pun, and the texture omg, dont look like the texture of cake oso.  And my mummy and didi oso xian qi my muffins. Feel like crying that time. But i still keep the muffins into tupperware and bring it to school. Yesss, i get to school early today around 6.30am and i am the first one to get into the pra u block. Im proud of myself for sweeping the floor and wiping the white board. hahaha. because i think i make good deeds for my classmates. YAY! 

lets skip to after school.

I invited jaymie , stacy, chaifong, engsoon and lisa to celebrate NANA’s birthday. And i set the venue at 6A8 which is engsoon’s classroom. All of us have meetings after school. So we decided to gather at 6A8 after meetings. MPP has gotong-royong , cleaning mpp room. The prefects end their meeting faster than mpp and prs. The prs meeting is the longest one. Omg. Wait and wait and wait. I dont understand why i do stupid things. While waiting for engsoon and stacy, i stole NANA’s water bottle cause i was worried that he would leave earlier. So , i faster ran away carrying his bottle and put it in his class next to the adidas paper bag where i put all the muffins in. When NANA noticed his bottle was missing, he shouted loudly and kept asking people where his bottle was. And he met alisha ho, and asked her, she said his bottle is in his classroom. ishhhh. So he went to his class and saw the paper bag. And he knew what was going to happen later. So the surprise aint a surprise anymore. 

When all of them arrived, i forced NANA to stay in my class while the rest went to A8 to make preparation. stacy arranged the muffins into love shape. 


sorry, thats engsoon’s hand, i know the pic looks abit ugly because the presence of his hands .hahahah


NANA – the main character


Da He Zhao ! stacy, me , NANA , engsoon, chaifong and jaymie 🙂


Wo mei li de gu niang, Stacy 🙂


jaymie and engsoon. look, engsoon has his new haircut. #shuaiqi

At my class, 6A3,


tan eng soon thought he wont be recognized by showing only his eyes .

We share share one bottle of heineken.


Brother wants to drink heineken, he dont want to memperxiasuikan mpp, so he covers his name tag.


chok dao bao! hahahah


wu ba ba, see , ur daughter has gone bad. #disappointed

okay, thats all for today. Have a really nice day today. yay! wish to spend my every school day like that.:)  

here’s a status i saw today in facebook that is very meaningful : 

“Do good to everyone without expecting anything in return because some of the fragrance always

 remains in the hands of those who give roses.”

Understand it And Practice it in daily life. 🙂




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