Like Finally!!

im back , YAY!!

Weeks ago, justin bieber was caught smoking marijuana with friends in a hotel room. I get to know it from the newspaper. that time i was like watthe.. , i was so shock and i get upset after that. i just dont understand why there are so many singers and actors wanna ruin themselves by doing drugs. They have fame and alot of money. still not enough? shouldnt they be thankful for what they have that many other people dont have?



this is even worse. Lady gaga smoke marijuana on stage in Amsterdam. anyway , i dont give a shit about her, i post this for donut’s sake. jonathan, stop loving her.

Being a star , you should know that people keep an eye on you. Set a good example and stop disappointing ur fans. look at beyonce!


She is hawwtttt. bloody hott, melting hawttt. Sexy Lady! until now , i ve never heard anything about her doing drugs or what. She is a strong woman. She could sing well and i like to see her dance very much. She succeed in her career , relationship and marriage. Her husband , jay-Z (rapper) and her have made to the top of the chart for being the couple which earn the most in a year. And now , she has a daughter named blue ivy carter. How wonderful it is to be like her.

Anyway.back to my life. My 2nd brother went to NS . His camp is somewhere in Perak. Im surprised that every saturday he will phone to my mum and talk. If its me, i guess i wont. hahahah. not that i dont miss my family, its just that its weird for me to talk to my family in the phone for very long. So , he is doing well there, No constipation problem. But he often feels hungry eventhough he eats all the meals provided. i guess his digestive system is super duper active. He is funny.  A few days ago, he called mum to go to his camp and visit him. gilaaaa. he tot his mum has nothing to do. The journey to-and-fro takes four hours. Four Hours. Luckily , my mum is rational enough to say “no” hahaha. Cherry teoh , wan sui!!

After he leaves, i start to sleep in his room because there is the laptop. yay! i can online 24 hours. Eventhough he limit the time for internet, but i still get to use the internet by opening the guest account . hehehe. Sneaky right? like brother, like sister. I find out that laptop is really useful. you get to do whatever you want in your room without parents watching . i can watch dramas until the next morning or listen to music while doing my projects. Writing blogs without worrying parents or lil bro will stand beside you and read. So, now, im going to save money to buy a new laptop for myself. LAPTOP LAPTOP LAPTOP~~~ nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Recently , im watching chinese drama 第九个寡妇。Niceeeee. I like how they talk. China language. And the male and female main characters are goodlooking.

ye xuan

叶璇. She is really pretty. Hong kong actess.

images (2)


images (3)

They are so sweet . 🙂

i watched till episode 18 already! there are 33 episodes in total. After this , im gonna watch 甄嬛传, this one is super long , 76 episodes. Fighting!!

Lastly, today is Lwy, NANA ‘s birthday. And i made it to wish him on 12am. yipee. Gotta go now, back to the drama world. Ciao! 🙂


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