Happy Christmas :)

I thought today i will spend my whole day at home. Fortunately, my beloved friend, stacy date me out. So, it’s a last-minute outing , to be specific, dinner & movie night. Whee~~~~ 

At least i dont spend my christmas night at home .Lets meet the drive : 


i take this pic secretly. hahah. He dont like to take pic!

He fetch me from my house around six something. Im asleep few minutes ago cause my eyelid just feel heavy. And when shinhui misscall me , i jump up from my bed, wear my contact lens and simply take my clothes from my wardrobe and change it. I rush out to his car, luckily they have patience. haha. We have our dinner at Che Go ( i suggest wan! ). Its a restaurant which serves korean cuisine. 





Me and shin hui. we use choonhong’s phone to take this pic. Samsung Galaxy Advanced. image is clearer den my phone’s


I like this pic very much 🙂 photo in photo. hahaha


The three ladies 🙂


甜蜜二人组 🙂 mah choon hong & yew chai fong.


They are waiting for the food~~~


Finally , all the food came!!! yummy~~~


i ordered this, hot pot kimchi bibim bab. Omg, the watery egg yolk gets my full attention!!


me and my food! but no matter how much i tried the kimchi, i just cant make myself to love it. i guess kimchi is just not my thing.


Shin hui and her terriyaki chicken bibim bab 🙂 choon hong also ordered the same thing.


Korean pancake. i thought i will be delicious , but it turns out to make me disappointed.

Chaifong orders chicken spicy noodle. She likes spicy food very much. Here comes the bill:


I think it can be considered as cheap for four.

Our movie starts at 8pm. Guess wat are we going to watch?


Tadaa~~~ Singapore movie directed by Jack Neo. it is an awesome movie. And there’s part 2 coming soon. CAnt wait for it, i surely wont let myself miss it !

That’s the end of the night. Im happy 🙂 

Thanks for keeping me accompanied in the christmas night. Thanks choonhong for fetching me and sending me home. Thanks shinhui for the idea of hanging out . Thanks chaifong for joining the night. They say to be thankful for every little things in your life , you can live happier. Now i understand that. Goodnight yo! 🙂




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  1. disappointed person says:

    Please delete your blog… =.= almost a month din update dy. what for u keep this? =.=

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