Christmas eve.

HoHoHo. its 24.12.2012. Its the CHRISTMAS EVE!  But im not celebrating, hahaha. 

At least i got my FIRST EVER christmas present 🙂 Given by Stacy Hui, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Ai Ni Yo 😉 


its a purple rose ring! I LOVE ROSE AND I LOVE PURPLE. she knows me well 🙂

She also buy one pink rose ring for herself. We plan to wear it when we go genting. i cant wait for it >.< I never get christmas present before. I will treasure it for sure. i mean it!

Oh. Stacy baked a swiss roll for her countdown party with friends. Luckily, me and chaifong get to try the swiss roll first . ahaha. This is her first time baking swiss roll. Obviously, it tastes and looks different from the swiss roll sold in the bakery shop. Anyway , It tastes good, but it can be better. Note that  Practice makes perfect. I can bake with you if you need help yo. 


Pretty. Seriously, this is alot better den other first timers 🙂

So i spend my day going to tuition, rest at home and den attend yoga classes. Not that boring right? hahah.  Yoga classes from 5 – 8.30pm. my time is well spent. im satisfied although i din get to celebrate christmas eve with people. 


Taken in the Yoga Studio yo! 🙂

Few more hours to the CHRISTMAS DAY.  


Two days more is Mr Low’s exam . All the best Yo!! 



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One Response to Christmas eve.

  1. beloved friend says:

    yo! bu yong ke qi!!! zhi yao song wo li wu jiu hao ^^

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