About Yesterday


Shuteng’s Birthday Celebration.

Plans always worked out last minute. This time is not exceptional. We planned to go shuteng’s house and celebrate at her house. The night before her birthday , i baked vanilla cheesecake for her. Started the making process from 9 something, and i have no idea why the baking session takes so long , almost three hours. hahaha. maybe the temperature is too low. Somehow the cake get burnt on the top, i need to take off the top part and bake it again. omg. younger brother watch me doing that while having his supper. Btw , he said the cake smells nice. teehee. eventually,  i get to bed on 2 something in the midnight.Exhausted.


the cake looks like this.

dont judge the book by its cover. Although it looks ugly, its taste is better than how it looks. Better a little bit. hahaha. Aiya, first time lah, what do you expect, im not born to be a professional pastry chef loh. At least i get some result . teehee.


Better than what i expected. At least i succeeded.

The very next morning, her birthday, I went to her house around 11. Mc donalds take away for our lunch. 


I secretly take this pic. On the dining table



steal this pic from sherhui’s phone . teehee. piao liang! 🙂 She sit next to me during form five.



oops. Abit Blur. Ngan Hue Tin. 外号:白天鹅。



Piao liang de xiao rong yo! Nan de yao gei wo pai .haha. She’s still available yo. 🙂



Morning de 大合照。just five of us. me ,shuteng, jonathan , hue tin and sher hui.


大合照 2


We watched Pitch Perfect together. i love the songs they sing but not the storyline.



The boss lies on the floor trying to be a mermaid , but actually looks like a hippo, watching pitch perfect.



Playing Uno Spin. cck and sher hui.

Actually , i think Uno Spin is fun. hahaha. But other ppl like jonathan just find it boring.


The birthday gal, sharlene.



He takes my phone and take picture of himself . LOL



100 % hippo.


100% hippo 2 .


Busy shuteng. Phonecalls non stop.



Poor gal. lighting the candle herself. hahaha.



大合照 again. but without shuteng.


We take this ourselves. 🙂


She is making wishes. 🙂

I left early. 4.30pm. Cause i have yoga classes.


Sher hui made this pic using her phone.
Normal version and the hiao version of jonathan .

Sharlene, Happy Birthday again! Hope that u ll be happy and healthy all the time. and Friends forever. Keep in touch always. love ya 🙂

Lastly , wanna say sorry to vincent kuek. I didnt know that jonathan didnt invite you for the celebration. He thought you have classes thats why he din call you . Really sorry if this matters alot to you. We ll not repeat the same mistake again. Please dont be emo or angry at us. You re always the member of our gang. SMILE YO! 🙂

There are videos coming up. Stay tuned . 🙂


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  1. Kiam pa eh peng you says:

    Your cheese cake looked like shit! =P

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