Two in One.


The farewell party of MPPPU . 10 seniors and 17 juniors showed up,  It went well. Except for the dinner. We had our dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet.  i will give the food 4 out of 10. The spaghetti is just plain sour, i wonder if their salt is out of stock. And the mash potato has weird taste, i dont know how to describe it. Thats the two thing i dont like about the food. 


Dinner at Hartz .


Juniors and seniors 大合照


The Juniors。

I wanna thanks stacy for keeping me accompanied. She went sunway pyramid with me. Had a wonderful time with her.


She likes the two deer. and she looks pretty 🙂



taking photos in her house yo 🙂


In her dad’s car. Heading to Sunway pyramid. i love this 🙂


We look tiny.

by the way, thanks may lam for fetching me and shinhui back home. My parents called shinhui’s mum to inform me that they can only fetch me home at 11,30pm because my uncle is admitted to the hospital in KL , he has stones in his gall bladder. I hope he will be alright. shinhui’s mum brought us to her grandma house and i tried out the massage bed that is worth rm10K. It helps in the blood circulation, i find it quite comfortable. 


Shinhui went to my house today early in the morning. Do some yoga with her. Then, she cycled to True Harmony for massages. I stayed at home and rushed to finish my tuition homework while waiting her to come back, She bought me waffle with chocolate when she came back,  We had our breakfast , we bathed ( not together of course ) , we rest for awhile, then i drove her to her grandma house. Her grandma made popiah for us. It tastes GOOD. Thank you, ah ma! 🙂 After that we rushed to tuition. Our plan after tuition is to play badminton. Kinda disappointed with some ppl who ffk, dont wanna mention who they are. Someone, c’mon , please come up with a better excuse next time. At least some excuses that can convince me. 

Anyway, just four of us went to One U for badminton. CHoon Hong, Eng soon , Shinhui and me. 


choon hong refused to take pic with us. ish.


Eng soon tan, You look strong hahahah.

After badminton, me shinhui and engsoon went to blackball. We shared the dessert and we went to a mamak stall near Blackball for dinner.


in the Mamak stall. 🙂

I managed to reach my house before 9pm. hahaha.

Im now baking vanilla cheesecake for shuteng . Tomorrow is her birthday . I wish that the cake will succeed. Please pray hard for me. I wanna surprise her with my first handmade cake. Goodnight, peeps!!




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  1. beloved friend says:

    Sien…. Why is two in one? =(

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