Ladies’ Outing :)

Slept at four something and woke at 7.30. You can imagine how tired i am.  Im not feeling regret for sleeping late. He told me that he likes to talk to me because he feels comfy and stress-less , we can talk about anything. The topic can be anything. Although we ve not talked to each other for like nine months, we still can spend two hours plus talking on the phone. 

Anyway, back to the topic, i woke up , forced myself to bath, forced myself to eat my breakfast and i slept comfortably in my dad’s car while he is driving all the way to shinhui’s house. The ladies who are involved in the outing are jaymie , shinhui, chaifong and me. Departed from bukit badak ktm station, heading to the kl central, then to Serdang by LRT. From Serdang ktm station, we took the U41 bus and we arrived our destination, The Mines safely.


We saw boats ! in the middle of the mall.

Our first stop, Tong Pak Fu :



Miss Yew, looking through the menu.


Miss Jaymie .


My Dearest Miss Stacy. 🙂



Miss Lee 🙂



Four of us 🙂 PRETTY!!!



I sit with her. I like this photo very very much!


Zi Pai yo!



Luckily there are less people in the shop. so we can take many photos. 🙂

Miss Yew and Miss Stacy ordered the same dessert, 牛奶雪花冰,Miss Jaymie ordered 芒果雪花冰,and i ordered 红豆糊。Mine is more extraordinary! 



The Desserts . Not as good as i thought they would be.



The couple watch, Me and Miss Stacy 🙂

Our second stop : exhibition centre where the big bad wolf sales is being held. 


on the way, i saw this. DURIAN PUFF. This makes me drool. OMG.



Saw this outside of the exhibition centre hall. Lamborghini. Niceee. i will buy this if im really rich in the future. 🙂

I bought four books and i spent a total of 34 bucks. 75% – 95% discount for every books. this sales is  highly recommended for the book lovers, cause its totally worth it.

third stop : Pizza San Francisco. Lunch time.  We left a restaurant before this after sitting in and looking thru the menu , i forget its name already, we hesitated quite long and eventually we picked this


this is stacy’s and mine. Spaghetti meat ball for stacy and Cioppino with fish for me 🙂



Jaymie’s linguine salmon. I dont like this dish. A dislike from me .haha


Miss Yew’s lasagne chicken. Also not very nice, i dont really like it.



My dish smells nice. It seduces my taste bud while waiting for all the four dishes to come.



We managed to finish our dish all by ourselves. We re just too hungry 🙂

After that , we decided to try out the boat to go to the ktm station.


We re on the boat!!

its only rm 2 per person. Very Very cheap! Oh and we met Gary, the 8tv 八八六十四host ,   and the hitz fm cruisers! We are lucky! But i will be more happier if i get to meet Justin Bieber or Beyonce or Avril Lavigne or Selena Gomez or Lucy Hale or Kelly Clarkson. 🙂  Thats all for the outing. lastly , 就让我献上最后两张漂亮的照片。



Stacy’s 侧 脸。



Stacy’s 背影。






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3 Responses to Ladies’ Outing :)

  1. beloved friend says:

    DUH! what photos are those>< hai piao liang leh… =.=

  2. beloved friend says:

    next title: another with beloved STACY 😉

  3. beloved friend says:

    another day*

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