Another Day with Cousins :)

Went to Dong Chan Si with cousins, bro and mum. 原来所谓的联谊会是检讨会。We registered and we sat in 大雄宝殿。All the leader of each group started to talk about how was the event going that day and what should be changed to be better next time. Next year they are going to organise the 弘法会 again. I asked my cousins if they are going to be volunteers next year. And many of them say no. But my answer is yes. So, my dear friends, please join me again next year, i dont want to be alone! tyvm, hehhehe 🙂

After that, its LUNCH TIME. 


LOOK AT THIS! they are so caring, they know i like durians. And there it is, a box of durians on every table .OMNOMNOM 🙂

They are making it as buffet. So we have to take the food ourselves. I just took a little food cause i wanna leave a big space of my stomach for DURIANS . TEEHEE.


Six of us . Mum , lil bro and cousins. 🙂

We left early cause cousins and i felt a little bored. And then , our next  stop is granny’s house. 


This is what we usually do together when the adults arent gambling. 🙂

We will always have fun playing together. And while playing mahjong, if one of the four is tired of playing, the one will inform the other two with eye contacts to run away after that round. Then, after that round the three run away , and the last one has to clear up all the things. haahaha, thats what we will do everytime. We did it today, of course im the one who ran away. heheh.

Anyway, today there is good news and bad news from my big family. My third uncle is getting married with a korean. Finally. Small wedding is going to be held either on 2nd or 3rd of March next year. And the bad news is My cousin brother is addicted to gambling. and know he owes the Ah Long money. I dont know how much. I just dont understand why he want to gamble when he have a son and a wife which is pregnant somemore. How can he take care of them if he lost all his money. ISH. Everyone have brains, please use it wisely, dont let it rot. 




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  1. beloved friend says:

    tomorrow I’ll be in your blog. I believe 😉

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