Casual Outing

Yesterday midnight , i get a text asking me am i happy that day. Yes, I am. I keep encouraging myself to move on, because there is nothing worth to let myself stay anymore. We failed the test, so we have to accept the fact.  有话不妨直说,不要拐弯抹角,如果你真的选择相信我,就要相信自己的决定。竟然我都愿意理你,代表我愿意为你分担你的烦恼,你就不需要再退缩,突然失去踪影,无声无息。

Today was a fun day, I got up early in the morning around 8am. Went to taman rahsna and had my breakfast with secondary classmates. My boss came up with this idea because he wan to eat bah kut teh. But he showed up late today, me too, but he was the last to reach there. Haha, my boss is cute, he wore a cap today , they said he looks like jb, erm but i dont think so. The bah kut teh isnt that good , the soup is tasteless, but dont know why shuteng says that its salty, i wonder how sensitive is her tongue. 

After that, we went to starbucks centro to continue our talk. My boss said he wanna go back house first den only come starbucks. Shuteng and I decided to follow him back secretly to find out where his house is. We followed him like detectives, we get to the lift , we saw one is going to the third floor and one  is going to the seventh floor. We checked out both the floors, but still cant figure out where his house is. So i came up with this idea , i wait at the seventh floor and she waits at the third floor. After long time of waiting , she phoned me and said that my boss is already in starbucks, both of us are curious that how could he get to starbucks without us noticing. So his house is still a mystery . hmmm. We talked and talked , sze juin left first and then the couple is next and cck left afterwards. den its me . 

Everyone also got gf and bf already . time flies and things change. But the thing which remains unchanged is that the old friends are still there for each other.

Photos of the day.  


The boss, jonathan.


Sharlene, Shuteng.


The sweet couple, su ying dajie and chan hc.


Donut and I 🙂


Chow Chun Kit, cck.


sze juin, cck, chan hc, su ying, sharlene, jonat and me 🙂
thanks for the nice day, i enjoy it



saw this from jonat’s handphone, make it profile pic la. teehee


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