Happy :)

Im too tired to blog yesterday. The night before yesterday i get insomnia again. I sleep at 4smtg again. I spent my midnight talking to shinhui . We talked and all of sudden phone call ended, i dont know why and i called her again , but somehow i just cant phone her, maybe there is something wrong with the line . Anyway, something nice happened after that. Estan viber call me, nice, at least there is still someone that i can talk to. Talking to Estan makes me feel happy no matter how bad im feeling. I still remember few days ago, i went to popular bookfair at aeon bkt raja, i argued with my mum about the books. I went to Estan and he had a small talk with me, and i feel good after that. Estan, thank you very much for bringing laughter, i cant imagine what will happen that night if we didnt chat. Kinda feel sorry for disturbing, cause you should have slept by that time. im wondering how can you work whole day without sufficient rest.

Yesterday i didnt spam my twitter at all, hooray for myself 🙂 Im moving on quite well right? i woke up early yesterday morning and went for tuition. Oh well, i managed to follow the lesson until the class ended without feeling sleepy. IM AWESOME. After that i went to sunway pyramid with my family because big younger brother finished his exam and he decided to go for shopping. I drive them there, I DRIVE ! thats the main point. i dislike speed trap, my mum says the speed limit is 90 ,better dont drive faster than that. omg, Imagine im on the highway , driving so slow, its not fun at all, cause i need to keep an eye on the car speed everytime.  Finally , i know the way to sunway pyramid but erm i dont know the way back to my house. We reached there by two in the afternoon and we shopped till eight. Thats why im so tired yesterday. We went to a japanese restaurant for lunch, i ordered spicy chicken ramen . Guess what, it sucks. Luckily , its not that expensive. My big younger brother prepared 900 bucks for shopping. When i knew about this, im like wow, mum really gave you alot of pocket money. He bought a pair of shoes from Lacoste worth rm369.00 . Very Expensive. I also want but im broke. I only have 3 bucks, wth. I took some time watching people skate in the skating rink. Watching the pro skater skate is so much fun and watching the first time skater fall down is much more funnier. hahaha. I want to skate!!! Didnt skate for some time already, jio me please. teehee

Yesterday night before sleep, i Started to watch 网球王子, obviously its anime and its about tennis, introduced by the teddy bear. Xie Xie Ni o .hahha.

Good news! My astro is upgraded to astro beyond!!! That means i get to watch HBO, Cinemax, Starworld,Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon!!! Nice. Fyi, i still like to watch cartoons although i grow up. hehehe. And my big younger brother flies to Sabah with his classmates today. So no one will stop me from using the computer anymore.  Am so happy right now!!!!

Here is the beauty of the day. 🙂


Kristen Stewart . I didnt think that she is beautiful until i watched Breaking Dawn part 2. Her fair skin really suits her red contact lens well. LOVE.


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