Break-fast eh

Hi there 🙂 

Do you know that breakfast = breaking your fasting period during your sleeping time ?

When my friend told me about this, I was totally mindblown. Sometimes, I find it amazing to know how words are created/formed.

Anyway, it is a known fact that breakfast is important and we all know the benefits of it. I’m the type of person who seldom skip breakfast unless I wake up late or I’m irritated due to problems in choosing what to eat (lmao). It happened to me a week ago where I was so uncertain on what to eat for breakfast and many different food ideas popped up in my mind but they just didn’t stimulate my appetite. (It’s exactly the same scenario where I acted out in my video).

Q: So, how did you come up with the idea of making smoothie bowl?

A: When I was looking at the instagram posts in my insta newsfeed that evening, I saw a picture of acai smoothie bowl. It looked so so so tempting to me and then I decided to look up for recipe. I found out that the acai berries are originated from brazil and they are seldom found in Malaysia (tbh, i never see one real acai berry or frozen acai berries before). That’s when I decided to make alternative smoothie bowls replacing acai berries with other food ingredients. Ta-daaaaa, so I came up with these two smoothie bowls which I named them – Purple Power Bowl & Pump’ed the Bowl.

I love the smoothies very much because they really taste good. The bananas provide the natural sweetness to the smoothie. Personally, i like my food with mild sweetness but if you would like to level up the sweetness, do consider adding a bit of honey.

It is a combination of texture, creativity and taste which creates FUN and GOOD MOOD to start your day 🙂

The recipes of the two smoothies bowls are shown below and Oh! I have also calculated their nutrient content and also the price (based on Malaysian ringgit and market price in Malaysia) for all the ingredients required to make them.


A. Purple power bowl – 2 servings

Nutrient content (1 serving):

  • Energy – 355kcal
  • Carbohydrate – 70.2g
  • Protein – 13.2g
  • Fat – 4.6g
  • Fibre – 7g

Ingredients needed: 


1 banana

200mL of low fat milk

2 medium Japanese sweet potato


1/4 slice of papaya

1/4 slice of pineapple

80g muesli

Price based on 1 serving : RM3.35


-The day before:

  1. Cut banana and sweet potato into chunks
  2. Cut pineapple and papaya into small pieces (if not, they may sink into the smoothie)
  3. Keep the banana into the freezer and keep the rest  ( except muesli) into the refrigerator.

-On that day:

4. Blend the frozen banana, sweet potato and milk together using a blender.

5. Splash your creativity on top of the smoothie bowl with the topping ingredients.

B. Pump’ed the Bowl – 2 servings

Nutrient content (1 serving):

  • Energy – 394kcal
  • Carbohydrate – 70.3g
  • Protein – 12.9g
  • Fat – 4.9g
  • Fibre – 4.7g

Ingredients needed:


2  bananas

200mL of low fat milk

1.5 cup / ~300g of  pumpkin


1/4 avocado

1/4 apple

80g muesli

Price based on 1 serving : RM3.55


-The day before:

  1. Cut banana and pumpkin into chunks
  2. Cut avocado and apple into small cubes (big cubes are heavy, they may sink into the smoothie)
  3. Keep the banana and pumpkin into the freezer and keep the rest  ( except muesli) into the refrigerator.

-On that day:

4. Blend the frozen banana, sweet potato and milk together using a blender.

5. Spice up your smoothie bowl with the topping ingredients and your creativity.

If you have any doubt or face any problem, do not hesitate to approach me, I’m more than willing to help!

Till next time 🙂




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Sometimes I have my down moments too..

Hi guys,

So, this happened 2 days ago during the night …

I was so down that time, I wanted to write but I thought voice can better express my thought at that moment.

There are 2 recordings in total.

Here’s the first recording.

The first thing I did is to tell my psychologist about my condition and feelings because she is the one, besides me, who play an important role in helping me get through all the depressing moment during my recovery journey.

I decided to post it here is because I wanted to record down all the moments of my life. So, in the future, when I read back my journal, I get to look back and be amazed on how much I’ve been through.

Here’s the second recording after I sent the recording to my psychologist. Oh and I added music into the recording so that it doesn’t sound that boring. lol.

And ermm, I fell asleep half way through my recording because I’m so tired. I didn’t get sufficient sleep for these few days, I faced my laptop most of the time and I cried badly at that time, there you go, now it sounds more reasonable for me to fall asleep while I was recording myself.

At the last part of the second recording, I would like to highlight that even though social media influencers always show the positive part of their stories in their videos, they do have the down moments in their life as well. It’s just that they seldom show it to their audience. I used to question myself (why am I living like this, look at you, people get to enjoy what they want but you? etc) when I watch youtubers having great life and people posting insta photos and stories telling people how great their life are. I still question myself sometimes but not that often as I used to be. Before I decided to share my blog to the public, I have considered for a long time whether I should delete some of my posts which involve my personal issues that I don’t want to let people know. In the end, I decided not to because I want to show the public through my blog, that if one day (may or may not) I get to be a social media influencer (actually everyone is a social media influencer, isn’t it? even if only one people get influenced by you through social media, you are still a social media influencer, right?), I want to be the one who shares both the greatness and the downfall of my life. At the same time, I want to tell people that you don’t need to be perfect all the time, it’s okay not to be perfect or not at your best condition sometimes and there is no need to envy other people because you too have your own talent or potential that makes you who you are/that makes you special or different from other people.

Believe in yourself.

That’s what I always tell myself and I’m still working on it.

Till next time, my dear 🙂

Ohh before you leave, one question, have you checked out my new video?

If you like it, please subscribe to my channel because I will upload new videos every Wednesday.

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I just want to tell you something

To be honest, I think this holiday will be the most meaningful and productive holiday I have ever had.

-I have taken my first step in making videos which i promised myself to do it during my semester break. Through making videos, I have learnt a lot and I started to appreciate youtubers’ videos published in youtube. I have learnt how to edit videos. Before this, I have zero knowledge in video editing (Yes, literally). I have learnt what should & shouldn’t I do through my mistakes and hopefully i can get better and better over time.

-I tried to update my blog as regularly as possible. (Trust me, even though my post was updated once in a few-days time but I visit my blog page to write more frequent than that. The reason I didn’t post is because sometimes i just got stuck halfway and I had no idea how to finish it, so i didnt publish it and usually i will keep it as draft. It will still exist as draft 10 months later XD)

-I have started to learn about cosmetic products and how to apply them. Even though I prefer natural beauty, I think that make-up is a necessity in my future career setting. I told myself that I should update myself with the basic make up techniques and knowledge. I have this thought for quite some time but I keep on procrastinating. I used to be the kind of person who rejects cosmetic products and does not own any cosmetic products. And now, I have Naked3 from Urban Decay huehuehue. I cant say I have a complete set of cosmetic product but I already have the basic ones like eyeliner, eyebrow filler, eye shadow pallete, concealer except foundation (LOL). I’m still not very good with applying make up but I think I’m improving YAY!!

-I take up task that I’m not familiar with / good at eg. renovating an old unit in a condominium (not a major one, but still, it needs quite a long time (I expect) to finish it)

There are still many things that I have done and also things that im still working on including the stuff mentioned above. Of course, there are also a bunch of stuff that i wish to do but is still in pending status (HAHAHAHA, i cant multitask too much, cuz i will get too stressed out or get exhausted easily).

Through all these, I just want to show and tell people around me that if you have something you wish to do, stop giving yourself excuses like too busy, am lazy, i sure cannot do this, blablabla, NO. If you keep doing this, things that you will get when you are old are the feeling of regret and the thoughts of ” I should have gone there”/ ” I should have done this”. Push yourself, not too much, but enough to make you move forward. I sincerely hope that you are able to feel the joy that I got when I stop giving myself excuses and start putting effort in achieving what I want.

By the way, my first video “Afternoon tea with orchids” is out. I have been working on this video for many hours from learning about video editing from scratch, doing research on a good video editing software, watching & reading lots of articles & videos on how to create & design my youtube channel and proofwatch my edited videos again and again and again. Click here if you haven’t watch it. Thank you in advance for watching my video. I will definitely work harder for my next video. Do subscribe, like, and share it cuz I need your support very much. I am more than happy to receive valuable and constructive feedback from you regarding my video. *wink*

Ok, I should go to bed now, it’s 1.30am.

Till next time. zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Slacking at home? You CAN do more than that!

Heyyyyy, guess what time is it now????



I’m a lil’ sleepy, my vision becomes blur when I’m tired and I had blurred vision since 3-4 hours ago. But, I’m so determined to finish what I planned to finish today. I’m almost there, around 90%? yep, around that.

I didn’t expect that I will still get sleepless night during my semester break. #SMH

Anyway, can you still recall that, earlier on, I mentioned  that I’m inspired to make my own videos? GUESS WHAT….

I’m working my ass off for almost 24 hours straight to edit my very first video. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!! I’ve finished editing it and now i’m exporting the file, let’s pray hard, everything will be fine.


In the process….13%

I don’t really have a bucket list for my semester break, but I actually aim to learn something new and stop letting fear and procrastination to come into my way. Since young, I have been missing opportunities because of my laziness and fear of embarrassment & failure which result in tonnes of regret. And I don’t wish this to continue, I don’t want my life to be mostly filled with regret. I want ” at least I tried” and unexpected, surprising results, results that I longed for.

Can’t wait to share my first video with my friends and my family.

Excitement, joy and productivity makes me feel so satisfied with what I’m working on.

I think, most probably, the new video will be released few days later, so be patient kay? hehe.

Lastly, I hope that, I will be mentally strong enough to receive criticism, judgement and negative feedback (if any).

Till next time 🙂

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Pranic lifestyle

Actually yesterday night I wanted to post about this but I was tired.

Yesterday morning while I was on the way to attend my mental health appointment, I had nothing to do so i decided to read sin chew newspaper. (ps: I can’t remember when was the last time i read newspaper). When I glanced through the “health” section, the word ” Breatharianism” caught my eyes. Few years back, I knew about this term through youtube video about a lady, named Jamusheen, who claimed that she is a breatharian and she can live without food and drink. People doubted her and she was tested. She volunteered herself to show people that she is telling the truth, but the test stopped on the 4th/5th day due to the continual deterioration of her condition. Click here if you’re interested to watch it, i still can find the link, btw, if you re going to watch it, take note at 7:34 cuz i think she looked like a patient from the psychiatric ward hahaha.

So, i started to read through the article, I didn’t manage to finish it because there was this one part of article which made me think that this is bullshit and I couldn’t get myself to continue reading it. 1.PNG

For my opinion:

  1. Amount of weight lost and the rate of weight loss depends on a lot of factors and it differs from one person to another person. Everyone’s body works differently, including sensitivity towards hormone, metabolic rate and etc. Yes, we, humans are the same species but there are still differences within us. If not, we wouldn’t have consider about inter-species safety factor when we are calculating the safety level of drug dosage.
  2. Food acts as fuel to our body. The article questioned that if food provides us energy, then why are we feeling dizzy or sleepy after we had our meals? The answer to this question is, after we have eaten a meal, our body tend to transport more blood to the digestive system in order to facilitate absorption and transport nutrient ingested. Therefore, less blood will be transported to the brain and thus, we will tend to feel sleepy due to less oxygen transported to the brain. I find this part of the article is misleading. I do study biology, that’s why I understand the reason behind it, but what about the other people which doesn’t have any this kind of knowledge?

That night, I did some research on this topic.

Basically, breatharian/inediate believes that human can live without food. They rely on ‘prana’ ( which we called it “qi” in chinese ) for energy to live. According to Ryan Maor (one of the famous breatharianism practitioner), he takes in ~400-500 calories per day and he seldom take solid food. He usually drinks fruit juice and water for living and he sometimes (2 times in a week) fast for one whole day ( without any food and water). Ryan Maor proved himself through the TV show in Israel. He had undergone 8 days of fasting. Despite low blood pressure and rapid decline of body weight, his blood test showed surprising results. According to him, not everyone is suitable for this kind of lifestyle, you need  to have an inner calling. To begin this lifestyle, one has to undergo 10 day of initiation program. For more details, you can watch these 2 videos where Ryan Maor showed how he survive that 8 days of fasting (Part A and Part B).

I am quite amazed with this because he really succeeded to prove himself under 24-hour of surveillance for 8 days. At one point, I felt a sudden desire to try this lifestyle during the moment when he cried mentioning how much he realised the importance of water and how grateful he was to have water. From the videos, his actions showed me what I have always longed for: genuine happiness for the little things in our life and inner peace.

After getting all these information, I have come up with some advantages and disadvantages which i can think of if you are interested to follow Ryan’s footsteps.


  • like i mentioned earlier, inner peace. This lifestyle involves a lot of meditation. As we all know, meditation calms your mind and soul. It helps to sharpen your mindfulness, focusing on your inner space.
  • You start to appreciate little things in your life that you used to ignore.
  • Have you ever calculated the amount of time you deal with food, including buying, preparing, eating and washing dishes? However, with pranic lifestyle less time is dealt with food, you have more free time to do other things.
  • You wont experience dizziness after meals. You feel much more energetic.


  • You start to miss the sense of thirst. (mentioned in the video)
  • When you started this lifestyle, you need to stick with it. I have read that breatharian allow themselves to eat when they desire for other flavours. For me, you will miss all those great, delicious food which brings the feeling of satisfaction that I’m not sure whether it will be provided by following this lifestyle
  • Possibility of death. It does occur to people who started practising it, especially during the first drink ceremony.
  • Food has become a major part of life in the society. People use eating as one of the social activities. Imagine you are having a gathering with your friends and all of them are eating except you. Imagine you are joining your colleagues for lunch break and all of them are enjoying their food except you. Maybe you don’t feel awkward about it but i think, the people around you will feel uneasy (just the same situation when we eat and drink in front of our muslim friends during puasa month)
  • Doubts. You need to face the situation whereby many people will start assuming you are a weirdo and questioning why are you doing this to yourself. If you plan to do this, better be mentally prepared for this.


Lastly, I believe it is possible that pranic lifestyle works for certain people. It is important to have strong will power and a strong purpose for pracitising it, not forgetting proper guidance from the real practitioner.


Namaste 🙂

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This is a special post for one of my favourite singer, Halsey aka Ashley Nicolette Frangipane!!

Go listen her songs!!!!

Her new album is out!!!! This is her 3rd album and I’ve noticed her since her 1st song ‘ghost’ is released.

If you didn’t know about her, I highly recommend you to listen to her previous 2 albums first. Trust me, I have gone through all of the songs in her previous albums, but I cant remember all the songs by the rhythm but I can assure that all her songs are definitely candies to your ear. However, I’m not sure about her third album because I have not finished listening to all her new songs but the 3 new songs (now or never, strangers, eyes closed) released earlier are undeniably great songs.

Here’s the link to her youtube profile, click here if you’re interested 🙂


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Do you always experience frustration when you fail to get someone to understand what you are trying to say? If your answer is yes, I’m no different from you. In fact, I get greater frustration when the person is my friend or my family because I thought they know me and I expect that they will understand me better.

I get into these kind of frustrated situation many, many times. Not only with my mum, but also with my friends, during meetings and also presentation. As a reflector (fyi, I always reflect), I started to think, “so is it my problem? is it regarding the word that I use? Or is it regarding the sentence structure? Why cant I convey the same message as good as other people ? ”

I notice:

There is two ways that we can work on improving our communication with other people and feeling less disappointed. ( The way we think and the way we speak )

  1. The way we speak. Language competency – English. English is never my 1st language. It is one of my weakness which contributes to part of my low self esteem. I don’t dare to speak when I’m surrounded by people who can speak English fluently because I am worried that I will speak wrongly and get teased or people will laugh at me. And that’s why my English speaking level is always stuck at a certain level. Besides, I tend to make a sentence with Chinese in my mind then only I translate it into English. As we all know, sentence structure in English and Chinese are totally different. So, when I am translating sentence from Chinese into English, disaster happens.
  2. The way we think. 1st of all, do you agree that sometimes there is something that we can’t express out clearly to people? For example, this is based on my own experience, sometimes I will have some complex feelings which I find it hard to describe it out. In this situation, even you can describe it out, how sure are you that the words you say are 100% correctly and accurately describing how u feel? In this case, we should understand and accept the fact that there are cases, not all, that unlike the copy and paste function of our laptop, we can’t tell exactly (fully, clearly) what’s in our mind. Secondly, how people receive your message affects the success and the quality of a communication as well. Many factors influence the way people interpret your message delivered.
  • Their emotional status at the point of conversation. When they are angry, they may wrongly assume the things that you said is intimidating. For example, Person A is concerned about Person B and she offers help: ” Are you okay? I can help you to do this.” If Person B is not in a good mood, he/she may think that ” So you think I cannot handle this?”
  • The perception that some people have towards us or history of encounter we had with other people. For example, I lied to Person A before, so when you talk to Person A, he/she will tend to receive the message with doubt.


As a conclusion, what we can do is to improve our language competency and understand that (i) everyone have their own way of interpreting what we say and (ii) words cannot completely describe or express what we feel inside.

I always blame myself when miscommunication happens. I always think that it’s the way that I speak which contribute to miscommunication. In fact, it is more than that. If you are the same as me, think again, is it all your fault? What you can do to make yourself feel less frustrated when miscommunication happens? Maybe you can try the tips that I have provided above.

I hope that this post will make you reflect and improve yourself, even if the degree of impact is small.  🙂 Do share this message to people around you.

Btw, this post is inspired by Xandria Ooi’s video posted on 28th of May. Here’s the link of the video.

Hope you have a good day 🙂

Oh ya, I am listening to “Tender – smoke” while writing this. You can listen to it, if you want to. I will introduce one song/music on my post from now on.

Till next time, with love <3.

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