Recently, there’s a new song that i love so much. B1A4 – lonely. Although the name of the song sounds like it should be a sad song, but you cant feel any sadness when you are listening to the song. 

I really should train my patience and control my temper. I get pek cek easily nowadays, especially in the night while facing the children. I really don’t like their attitude of learning. They take fifteen minutes to finish writing one sentence, they will only start writing when I look at them, they keep on playing with others while I’m talking to them, they like to say “teacher, i dont know how to do” before trying to think and do. If you ask me how’s today, i will say even worse then previous days. There’s this girl called Claudia and she is a banana. She knows how to speak chinese but she dont really know how to write. I give her some words to make sentence to make sure that she understands the meaning of the words. After some time, she asks me ”  老师,地方的方怎样写?” I write the word for her. Then, she rubs it away and starts to check the dictionary. I ask her , “我不是写给你了啊,做么又查字典`?” She answered ‘我觉得有一点不对“ !!!!!! WHADAFFFFFFFFFF…. 非常, 非常地受侮辱!!! 我竟然被一条二年级的香蕉质疑。Fortunately , there’s six more days to go and i will say bye bye forever to the children. 

Now, here’s a good news for my February job. Two days ago, i went to Gorgeous Fitness Centre to apply for the position in Customer Service. I was interviewed by the supervisor there. This afternoon, i get a call from them. I was informed that I have another interview with the manager. HOHOHO. Wish me luck for tomorrow, mehehee. 

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The Job.

Im officially broke. I need money.

As i browse through facebook page for those part timers, I see this post stating that they are looking for admin clerk, part time and full time teachers of a daycare centre. I contacted the people in charge, mdm. chong to apply for admin clerk. 

On Saturday, i went for the interview. After filing the application form, only she told me that there are already 2 admin clerk which are just hired. She asked me to try whether i can be a teacher anot. At first, I wanna reject but i hesitated. She continue to persuade and convince me . Eventually, i agree to give it a try. And then, there’s the trap. After agreeing to try, she tells me about the salary. RM400 for a month. Duhhhh. 

On Monday, which is the first day of my job, she introduced me to 3 children. 3 of them are in standard 4. I was like ” whattt??? you said you will give me children which are in standard 1 or 2″ okay , nevermind. I started to check their homework. There’s this boy, Darrion. He get distracted easily. I need to push him so that he will continue to do his homework. As time passes, 3 more children come in. ARGH. 3 is the largest number i can handle and now is 6. To worsen the situation, the 3 of them that just came in are all in different ages. I need to teach them chinese. Ugh, my chinese already so lousy , i still need to teach the standard six student. #facepalm  

The thing i most beh tahan is that when i come to questions that i dont really sure what’s the answer, i still have to ngeh ngeh give an answer to the students. Walao. Feel so sorry for them. Dear parents, please dont complain to mdm chong when you notice I teach wrongly, just keep an eye close and another open. Let me spend my january peacefully and i will leave your kids as soon as possible. 

Today is already the second day of the job. By now, i can confirm that teaching will never be my type of job in the future. 

I went to beauty salons to ask for vacancy this afternoon. I asked alot of beauty salons. Hope that at least one of them will contact me. Hope that i will get free training session for facial. #prayhard #fingerscrossed




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I have finished my exam almost a week ago. The first thing i always like to do after the last paper is to rush back home, clean up all the mess i have made during the stressful exam weeks and throw all the books into boxes hoping that I have no chance to open that box again. I think of my result sometimes, kinda worry of the outcome. Although i think i have done my best, I still have to prepare for the very worst. For this exam, i started to drink what i hate to drink – brands chicken essence. I read the label, it says it will help in boosting memory and waking your brain when you have insufficient sleep. After drinking so much, Im not really sure whether it helps me anot, but for the sake of my poor memory, I still force myself to drink despite of the awful taste. Because of exam, my skin turns drier, more pimples popping especially on the forehead and nose area, dark circles getting darker, headaches and heavy eyelids become common to me. Fortunately, weight gain doesn’t occur to me. ngek. On the other side, there are good things about exam. Besides the unavoidable nagging from cherry, I feel like a princess in home. I don’t have to do houseworks, everything is readily prepared for me. This is the part that i missed the most after exam.*sigh*

This year, december is all about doing all I want, hanging out with friends all day, staying at home reading novels and watching drama continuously. December is also about going on vacation with friends and family. Almost all my relatives are now in taiwan, how i wish to join them. I like the moment where you get to have fun and being together with the big family. It’s such a waste to miss the fun. I guess this year there will no vacation with my family, except flying to korea with my younger brother. Two days more and im going to puchong water villa with my gang of friends. Im very excited about it because it’s the first time im going on vacation with the gang of friends. Next week, Im going cameron and penang with my classmates. Although the places are very common and I’ve already been there for numerous times, it’s different this time. We don’t go visiting places, but we plan our own activities for the 5 days and 4 nights trip. The most anticipated vacation will still be the korean trip with brother. It is the second country im going to visit, finally i get to use my passport againnn!!  I wish to try their korean costume, i wish to listen to how they speak in real life, i wish to play and build snowman in the snow and i wish to try the traditional korean cuisine. Influenced by the korean dramas, korean variety shows and kpop, I like the country, their language and how it sounds when they speak korean. 

To my bud, being separated with someone you love doesnt have to be sad. It just means that you get a new chance to seek the right person to spend your rest of your life with. Life partner requires deep consideration, right feelings, right timing and good interactions. Both the two person involved have to be willing to stay and make things work. If one doesn’t, then it is just not meant to be. Letting go is hard, but i know things will be different if you are determined enough to turn a new leaf. I will be there to give you support and strength. 





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Negative feelings.

How should i handle bad feelings?

The pressure is already so high. 

I dont want unnecessary bad feelings to influence me.

Pre – U studies are already so tough, How can I make it in university?

How i wish to finish all these shit and leave everything behind. 

I need to get away from this. I need a getaway. 

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Holiday again~

When I am in holiday, I miss school days. Funny, isn’t it?
I have one week holiday, thanks to the pmr exam. This holiday was supposed to be my revision period.
But.. I procrastinate. :(
On The last day of my trial exam, my friends and I planned to go putrajaya to watch fireworks. The main function is to celebrate my friend’s boyfie’s birthday. But this plan is cancelled because the main character say it’s too far. Argh. Until now, im still so happy that the day is finally overrrr. You cant imagine how troublesome is the situation and how tiring I am. First of all, our surprise and wonderful plan cannot be used. Second, the plan b failed. Third, I cant stop worrying about my friend’s feeling due to the failure of the plans. Lastly, I have to drive here and there to buy birthday cake, food and fetch humans. Fortunately, the plan c still works to surprise the guy. *henggggg ahhh*
On the second day of my holiday, I went jogoya for lunch with my mpppu members. I was late that day and I missed the train. So I ended up waiting for another train with a girl who was also late. I dont mind waiting the train alone but I feel so awkward to wait with a person that im not really close with. Duhhhh. Really awkward. Thankgod, handphones exist! At first, I tried hard to start conversation with her. But, it doesnt last long. Eventually, I give up and I play my phone instead of trying to talk. Jogoya lunch was not bad, but I started to feel a lil bored because everytime I go, the food is still the same. They never change their menu, I guess. Surprisingly, one of the members brought vip member card. So I get to enjoy the food which is specially prepared for vip members only. For example, king crab, durian cheese cake, bird’s nest, macarons, etc.
Unlike the macarons sold outside, the macarons in jogoya is chewy.
After jogoya, I was supposed to stay at home amd end the day like this.
My friends asked me out to mum mum again. I dont want to end my night sleeping at 8 o’clock. So, I went out again and had my dinner at sushi king, scm.
On friday, I stayed and rot at home the whole day watching korean drama. Nowadays, I enjoyed watching korean dramas. I like how the koreans speak korean. Recently, I finished watching “master’s sun” “那年冬天,风在吹” ” I hear your voice”. Now, im watching “good doctor”. What’s next eh?
*Skip saturday, heh*
On sunday, I thought I would rot in my room the whole day. Suddenly, I get a text from my friend asking whether she can come over to my place anot. Awww, I love companion :)
I spent the whole afternoon studying with the two girls, stacy and chloe. I went to Queen of Spades with them to have some desserts before they leave.
Ahhh, life is good to have friends visiting you so randomly. :)

*moving on*
Today is monday. I spend the whole morning on bed. And then, I go delta for math tuition. Finally, I touch books. Hah.
After tuition, I follow my mpppu president to check the mpppu shirts.
The shirts are fugly, luckily they arent for me.
*skip monday night, heh*
And now im blogging in the midnight.
Look how unproductive I am.
Two days left for the holiday.
I should now precious and treasure the following two days.
Hmmm. Hwaiting to myself!
#peaceyo .

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4 people left.

Last saturday was the last day my big brother staying in malaysia. He had to go back to usa the next morning. It’s sad when you have already get used to being together and spending time together and now you have to get used to being apart from each other. Younger brother is not going back for one month. Big brother is leaving for unknown months. “Great”
Sometimes I really missed the old times, especially when I was a child.
Only when I grow up, I notice that my kindergarten is the best compared to other nursery school. I get to learn how to check dictionaries, have piano lessons, swim and play in the playground in the saturday morning, have computer class, etc. Besides, the enjoyable moment in my childhood is the Sundays. I used to love Sundays alot. When I was a child, I live in my grandma house before my uncle get married. Every Sunday, my relatives and my cousins of my father side will come to grandma house and gather together. All the kids including all brothers will play diff kind of games together , usually its 追追.
Some of the Sundays, my mum will bring us to my aunt house whereby all the relatives of my mother side will gather together. Thats why I love sundays.
When I was in 9 or 10 years old, some big cousin brother or cousin sister stop playing with the smaller cousins including me. So, somehow I become the leader as I was the oldest in the group. We went to the big drains opposite of grandma hse and had fun catching tiny fishes and tadpoles. Sometimes, we would go to the bushes outside of grandma house to catch small dragonflies. Let me share you a thing that makes me really proud, my grandma grows some lime trees ehich butterflies like to lay eggs on the leaves. I like to catch the caterpillars when they are small, they are brown before they turns green. They are easy to be taken care of, feed them with the leaves where they are born, clean the poo once a day and thats it. I succeeded twice to turn caterpillars to butterflies. I always wish to catch a caterpillar but I hardly can find one now. :(
When I was small, I like to watch cartoons with my brothers. “Martin mystery, the winx club, the powerpuff girls, codename kids next door, tom and jerry, mr bean… “
I still remember how spoilt my younger brother was when he was already 8 years old. We used to have kakak to help my mum taking care of the children but now no more. After bathing, my younger brother sat on the sofa waiting for kakak to wear his school uniform while watching cartoon.
When my younger brother and I were in primary schools afternoon class, we brought quite some problem to our mum. For example, my grandma cooked lunch for us but we refused to eat, so grandma called my mum and complained about us. My mum was once a clerk before becoming a housewife. My mum was forced to take lift or rush back during her break time and jaga us. After some time, my mum found it troublesome so she resigned and stayed at home to take care of us. This is how my mum became a housewife.
When im 7-9 years old, I used to bully the boy who sat beside me in primary school. Hahaha. Thats what girls normally will do to guys in primary school. Normally, I like to pinch their hands. Once, I pinched a guy until his hand got a blackgreen mark. Omg, that time I was so scared that he might complain to his parents and his parents come confront me. Fortunately, he is a good guy, mehehe, nothing happens, and guesd what, I still remember the guy’ s name and face after so many years have passed.
This is just part of the great moments I missed and I always think about them when I have nothing to do. Those memories still make me smile and laugh. Seriously, I feel blessed and blissful that I have great childhood memories , I live happily with my family, I have close relationship with my relatives and cousins, I have great friends when im in primary school which brings me sweet memories to remember.

As time passes, hardly can we spend time together. Appreciate and precious the time we have together is what we need to do. #lovethefamily

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Girls’ night.

Although it is the first day school reopens, it doesn’t affect my excitement for the night. that day is sher hui’s birthday. A day before her birthday, suddenly , the thought of giving her a birthday surprise came into my mind. So, i asked all of the members of the gang a.k.a the troublesome family to go her house the next day. Surprisingly and shockingly, almost all the members can make it except zhe wei because she has tuition. OMG. Im surprised becasue one of our non-active member can make it that day. hahahhah. By the way, the troublesome family is formed since form 2 in my secondary school. That time , our gang still dont have this name, this name is invented when im in form 5. I came up with this idea to create a group in facebook, i discussed it with sher hui and eventually we agreed with the group name – troublesome family. We put this name because whenever we wanna have outing , there are always problems here and there, such as transport problem, time clashing with tuitions etc. We knew each other through girl guide. Originally, there are only 7 members : 

From the top and left, the two is excluded. this is taken in 2009

The next year, i knew a new friend, shu xuan, who is a lovely girl and coincidently she knew some of the members of the gang so i invited her to our group. Here’s the full member of the gang : 

Taken in 2010 during cny.

Taken in 2013 during cny.

Back to the night, Zheng ying and shu xuan went RT to buy sher hui’s birthday cake. Actually it was my job but i was late because i went to hair salon to have my hairwash and haircut, so they help me with it. I still remember few years back sher hui told me that she likes oreo cheesecake. Unfortunately, RT dont have this flavour #toobad. All of us parked our car near sher hui’s house and that was when we started to write our greetings in the birthday card handmade by siao hui. That’s how rush we are, we do all the things in a very short time. Omg, doing things secretly is a fun, haha, We need to keep our voice low so that we are not noticeable.  

Gonna update the videos later. 

Start from the left : Zheng ying ( the tallest girl among all of us), Shu xuan ( the sweetest girl), Siao hui ( the most tiny and the most thin girl ), Sher hui ( she is adorable ), me (obviously), Yunru ( the closest friend when im in form 1 and 2 ) & wei wei ( beautiful and fair )

Sher hui, birthday girl.

We sit next to each other during form 4 & 5 . In the class, she is the one i talk to the most. I always like to pinch her face and her chin.

too happy, eh ?

We are surrounding the cake to prevent the wind from blowing off the candlelight.

We had our girls’ talk for i-have-no-idea-how-long-is-it. until 10.30pm , we are forced to leave cause it’s too late and i still have school the next day.

I was really happy that finally we can get together again and meet each other after so long. 

I cant wait for the next outing we will have :) 




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